Hugh Jackman thanks fans and (of course) responded to Ryan Reynolds birthday present

Oh, those two. Who knew X-Men Origins: Wolverine would cause so many consequences? Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman to have a “quarrel” / bromance going on rages on social media, and it continued until Jackman’s 53rd birthday. The Australian actor celebrated his big day on Tuesday and received many good wishes from family, friends and fans. Among those who fell in love was Ryan Reynolds, who made a video showing everyone socks with Jackman’s face on them.

So naturally when Hugh Jackman recorded a thank you video to everyone for sending birthday love his way he must have mentioned Ryan Reynolds and poked fun a bit. Check it out:

Hugh Jackman shared that he was very grateful for all the creative messages he received from all who love him, such as songs, artwork, bread and candy. He said it “means a lot” to get all of these things from other people to celebrate his birthday. But of course he must have responded to Ryan Reynolds’ gift of sorts with these words:

I know there have been a lot of messages about Ryan’s post – he’s wearing socks with my face on and wondering where you can get them. Uh… you can’t have them anywhere because he made them himself. He took them back himself. I know, it’s just really sad. But anyway, I guess you can just ask him. He could make you a pair or give you the one he’s wearing.

If you’re not sure what he’s talking about, Ryan Reynolds did a TikTok wish your Marvel co-star a happy birthday by sharing Hugh socks with his The greatest showman melody played in the background and the caption “Socks to be Hugh”. Looked:


Socks to be Hugh.

♬ A Million Dreams – Ziv Zaifman & Hugh Jackman & Michelle Williams

Funny enough, it looks like the TikTok has inspired many fans to want their own Hugh socks, which Jackman shared the Ryan Reynolds originals to. In response to Jackman’s recent video, Reynolds responded with these words:

I sewn a Hugh Jackman turtleneck, a body stocking to die for. You will love it.

These two love to make fun of each other so much that it might never stop. The actors met during the filming X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2008 and have been arguing for longer than they remember. Apparently, at first, Jackman initially gave Reynolds a hard time because he was married to Scarlett Johansson, and Jackman was a close friend of the actress. Of course, later Reynolds and Johansson divorced, and the dead Pool the actor married Blake Lively and also adopted a version much more faithful to the Wade Wilson comic book.

In 2015, Jackman and Reynolds started using social media to get revenge on various things and keep the gag going. We are unfortunately going never see their Wolverine / Deadpool road trip movie ever since Jackman hung up his X-Men character, but Reynolds is prepares to return to Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3 in the future. Until then, happy late birthday to Hugh Jackman!

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