“I would love to invite Ryan Reynolds over for a cup of tea and a chat in Wrexham” – Val Savage

In this week’s column, Val, the 74-year-old mom of Mirror columnist and football legend Robbie Savage, can’t wait to toast Wrexham’s new star owner and give him some advice.

Hollywood sweetheart Ryan Reynolds is the new owner of Wrexham, along with star friend Robert McElhenney

The sudden and mysterious appearance of the Hollywood sign from Wrexham got us all talking. Most of us suspected and hoped
Ryan Reynolds was giving us a touch of Tinseltown after buying our football club.

He denied it, but the town still buzzes with his name and Wrexham’s subscription sales have dropped from 2,000 to 5,000.

I would love to invite Ryan over for a cup of tea and a good old fashioned conversation. As a very famous and handsome actor, he’s probably used to the VIP treatment everywhere he goes. And I can’t promise him that.

He’ll get a cup of PG Tips and I’ll tell him to forget all that Americano coffee stuff because if he wants to settle down here he has to start drinking tea.

There won’t be any chocolate digestives because I got fed up over the summer when they all melted together.

The same happened with my Maltesers, so I had to eat eight at a time and almost choked. Either way, we’ll give him a blue ribbon or a KitKat.

Val would like to offer Ryan some advice from PG


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Ryan will not be getting too much to eat as it might prevent him from speaking and I have a lot to ask him.

I would sit him down and say, ‘How did you make your fortune, girls? If his agent would cut me off and say that I couldn’t ask this or that, I would tell him that I’m old enough to just ask what I want.

And as someone who has lived all of my 74 years in Wrexham, I can teach Ryan his true heart. I’ll explain to you that here we all like to talk to whoever we see, whether we know him or not. I chat with anyone on the street, even if they eat a sausage roll.

He needs to know that there is so much kindness here. I wouldn’t budge even if I won the lottery because I couldn’t replace my fantastic friends and neighbors.

I would give her some invaluable insider advice, like how the best full breakfast can be found just outside of Wrexham in Gwersyllt. And if he wants some beautiful scenery, he has to head to Horseshoe Pass, a mountain walk that has a cute cafe at the top with views and cakes to die for.

For a bit of nostalgia, I’m going to explain how I wore a minidress and heels on one of my first dates with my late husband Colin when he took me to watch Wrexham.

I’m going to share the story of how Col changed our wedding date so that it doesn’t conflict with a match. And I’ll tell Ryan how happy Col would have been to see him bring such a buzz to his club.

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