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Welcome to episode 125 of TV Top 5, Hollywood journalistthe televised podcast of.

Each week, hosts Lesley goldberg (West Coast TV editor) and Daniel Fenberg (Chief TV Reviewer) breaks down the latest TV news with context from the business and critical side, greets showrunners, executives and other guests, and provides a critical guide on what to watch (or ignore, depending on the case).

The five topics for this week are:

1. Streaming time slots.
Following Disney + ‘s announcement that its original series will switch to Wednesday instead of Friday, this segment explores how many slots have started to matter for streaming platforms and examines the different strategies currently being used across. the specter with an eye on how that might change in the years to come.

2. Bubble watch.
Manifesto is the latest broadcast bubble show to get the ax as this segment explores why it’s hard for some shows to stream and easier for others as new business models announced a few years ago suddenly complicate this. what does it mean to buy a series. Plus, what other shows are still being purchased?

3. The limits of Batman.
The internet exploded this week when the co-creator of HBO Max’s DC animated show Harley quinn said the comic book giant asked them to delete a scene where Batman, um, went there with Catwoman. This segment explores the absurdities of that and examines how DC and Marvel strangely protect their characters in some areas, but look the other way when it comes to Captain America and Superman murdering thousands of people.

4. Spotlight on the showrunner.
Blind spot co-creator and co-star Rafael Casal joined the show this week for a captivating conversation about colorism, portrayal and why he and Daveed Diggs were reluctant to adapt their film for television. As Casal puts it, the leaders wanted to tap into Diggs Hamilton hot streak and focus the series around the duo. Instead, Casal and Diggs chose to center the story on another character who builds the Blind spot world. The series landed in Starz in part because the network had the only black executive with the green light. Casal also explains how Blind spot discusses colorism in a future episode and shares his thoughts on the In the heights backlash. “It’s a damaging and dangerous narrative and we have to be aware of it when we say that something is for everyone and it’s not,” he says.

5. Critics’ corner.
As usual, each episode ends with Dan’s guide to what to watch (or skip) in the week ahead. This week he features reviews of FXX’s Dave, Apples Physical and AMC Kevin can fuck himself.

Coming next week … an interview with HBO Max’s showrunner Gossip Girl update.

Listen to it all now on TV Top 5. Make sure you subscribeto the podcast so you never miss an episode. (Critics are welcome!)

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