Is JackSepticEye in Free Guy? Tracing the YouTuber’s Role in Ryan Reynolds’ Popular Movie

Sean William McLoughlin aka JackSepticEye is a YouTube giant from Ireland. With 28.5 million YouTube subscribers and 2.8 million Twitch followers under his belt, Jack is a powerhouse in the gaming community. Over the years his fame has branched out and he has joined YouTube big names such as PewDiePie and Markiplier in terms of popularity.

So when Free Guy director Shawn Levy wanted to star some of the best video game personalities in his 2021 video game movie, it’s no wonder he chose Jack as one of the actors. McLoughlin starred in the film as himself along with Twitch stars Ninja, Pokimane, YouTubers Dan TDM and LazarBeam.

“How can I act like Jacksepticeye?” – Jack was really nervous for his role in free guy

Jack is an avid Ryan Reynolds fan. The streamer first met the Canadian superstar when they played Deadpool (the game) together while Ryan was promoting Deadpool 2. The video is on his YouTube and Jacksepticeye put this in the description:

“I can’t believe I got to meet Ryan Reynolds and play Deadpool with him!! It was a dream come true.”

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free guy is a film about an NPC in a fictional MMORPG called “Free City”, a clear nod to GTA Online. The titular character, played by Ryan, is NPC Guy whose AI slowly becomes sentient and begins playing the game alongside real players.

As he improves his character, players on the server start to notice him, which makes him go viral on social media. And that’s where our man Jack comes in, playing in a montage with other content creators talking about Guy’s in-game exploits.

Ryan himself praised Jackspeticeye during his Today FM interview, saying:

“Just a class act. What, just a great, great guy[meaning Jacksepticeye]. I mean, I’ve known him a long time outside of that and was super thrilled when he said yes to jump in and play with us. He is a special human being and I hope Ireland is proud of him. He’s a good boy.”

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Which made Jack cry tears of joy in front of the camera. In a more recent video, the YouTuber explained exactly how he got the role and his experience with the film.

Jacksepticeye explains that in the midst of the pandemic, he received an email from the director of free guy asking him if he would be interested in being in the movie.

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Considering he’s worked with Disney before for DisneyXD, it wouldn’t be a stretch for us to imagine him in a Disney movie. After all, he is known for his energetic personality and strong Irish accent, which his fans adore so much. But being in a movie with his idol Ryan Reynolds was quite the experience for him:

“It was so much fun, because I had to do it unsupervised. Because I had to sit here and do what I normally do every day, I had to sit in my room at the old place and just pass the lines again and again and again.”

He then explained the context of his lines and how each of them had to read a paragraph and they would edit on top of each other to create an edit. Apparently he was so good with his lines that the director gave him more!

Jacksepticeye has come a long way from his Irish village life. Not only does he have one of the biggest YouTube channels in the world, but he also just starred in a Disney Block Buster movie. He also talked about his road to success later in the video:

“You know when people ask this question like, ‘When you started YouTube, did you ever think you’d be here?’ Of course not. And I can’t stop thinking about me in the booth when I started making YouTube videos as a shy, timid little guy from the early 20’s. And see what it’s become now, it is breathtaking.

Jacksepticeye rose to fame after receiving shoutouts from Pewds and Markiplier, and he never looked back. With her bubbly personality and green hair, the Jacksepticye brand has become an integral part of the YouTube gaming scene.

His varied Let’s Plays range from horror and minecraft to most AAA titles. He has a particular love for Souls-like games, and you can catch him playing obscure horror games on his channel every week.

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