Is Ryan Reynolds the best actor right now?

It’s hard to determine who the better actor is, but Ryan Reynolds always receives the highest praise from his co-stars.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson raves about Ryan reynolds, especially since both have collaborated with Gal gadot at Red Notice. The movie Netflix which has the honor of being the most expensive of the platform.

Since, Dwayne The Rock Johnson he considers his co-star to be the best actor there is, because he has a perfect command of humor, action and drama. This has great merit as Johnson has worked on over 40 films with a large number of actors such as Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Jack Black, Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Anthony Mackie and a long etc …

But it also shows that the two actors really enjoyed the filming of Red Notice. Which is very positive, because if they transferred this chemistry to the screen, surely all viewers will also have fun watching the adventures of Dwayne johnson Yes Ryan reynolds.

They will work together again.

There is still no new project where they are involved Dwayne johnson Yes Ryan Reynolds, but they are looking for another movie to match. Who knows if News Network has the desired success, they can do the second part.

Although their agendas are very busy, because if they have something in common, it is that they are tireless workers and they take on different projects all the time. Sadly, we’re unlikely to see them together in a superhero movie, since Ryan reynolds will play dead Pool at Marvel Studios, while Dwayne johnson it will be Black adam at DC Comics. Therefore, the only way for them to coincide would be for him to reprise his role as The Green Lantern, something that doesn’t seem to match their plans.

Do you think Ryan Reynolds is the best actor there is? Leave us your comments below.

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