Jack Quaid Wants Star Trek’s Deadpool And Captain Picard To Be Among The Boys

The Boys actor Jack Quaid told IndiaToday.in that he wanted Deadpool and Star Trek’s Captain Picard to be part of The Boys. The show was streamed on Amazon Prime.

Jack Quaid is part of season 3 of The Boys.

Jack Quaid and Jessie T Usher star in the Emmy nominated series, The Boys. The show, critically acclaimed around the world, is in its third season. Fans everywhere have been anticipating what will happen next in the lives of these superheroes.


In an exclusive chat with IndiaToday.in in Sydney, The Boys actors Jack Quaid (who plays Hughie) and Jessie T Usher (who plays superhero A-Train) spoke about their experiences working on the show and also revealed who they would play. a multiverse set up for The Boys. Speaking about the first time he realized the show had become very big, Jessi said: “I think you [Jack Quiad] told me a story and made me realize that the show has become so important. I think you told me you went to a restaurant in Atlanta and everyone was looking at you. It was the first time I realized the show had become a big hit. Everyone from the chef, the people, the host, everyone looked at me. It was so uncomfortable. It was so weird and I had to tell someone, so I told Jack.

Jack added his thoughts on the show’s instant fame and added: “I was in Toronto filming the second season, I first realized when I went to a Halloween thing that Universal Studios had. and that people looked at me and reacted. It was a nice environment to realize that my show was a success.


When asked if they should add a bunch of new additions to the existing superhero universe, Jack enthusiastically replied, “Oh, Deadpool. Sherlock would be interesting too, or randomly, like Captain Picard from Star Trek. It would be fun to see him in this universe.

Season 3 of The Boys is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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