Jake Gyllenhaal Teams Up With Extraction Director For Superhero Movie Prophet


Spider-Man: Far From Home star Jake Gyllenhaal returns to the comic book world in Prophet, who sees the famous actor teaming up with Extraction director Sam Hargrave for what feels like a twisted Captain America story. Courtesy of Studio 8, Prophet will be based on the comic book by Rob Liefeld, who is best known for creating dead Pool, and sounds like the perfect property for Gyllenhaal and Hargrave to team up. Marc Guggenheim, the scribe known for his work on The CW’s Arrowverse TV series, is on board writing the script.

Prophet will be the star Jake gyllenhaal as the main character John Prophet, a man conscripted by the Germans towards the end of World War II, who is subjected to scientific experiments which give him superhuman strength. John tells the story of a poor and homeless man living during the days of World War II, who volunteers to participate in the medical experiments of Dr. Horatio Wells, a time-traveling scientist from the future who uses DNA enhancement methods to turn Prophet into a super-soldier.

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Placed in stasis by Wells to aid him in the future, a bombardment buries Prophet, trapping him underground for decades. He is awakened in 1965 and is understandably disoriented, as he attempts to piece together the pieces of his life while avoiding being captured by KGB agents who pursue him in hopes of creating super-soldiers from him. his blood.

“It’s a goal for us to work with Jake and Sam for quite some time, so we’re very happy to finally collaborate with them on this unique and action-packed genre film,” said Jeff Robinov, CEO of Studio. 8, in a press release. . “I can’t wait to see what they envision to bring this story to life – one that we’re sure will stand out in the comic book world as a powerful, emotionally charged, and visually distinctive film. . ” Robinov will produce with Studio 8’s John Graham, Prime Universe Films’ Adrian Askarieh, Liefield and Brooklyn Weaver.

Gyllenhaal has become well known for his dedication to increasingly interesting roles, with likes Nightcrawler, Prisoners, and the boxing drama left-handed showed how far the actor is willing to go to bring a character to life. His intensity and physicality could very well entail Prophet becoming one of the most compelling comic book movie characters of recent years.

Director Sam Hargrave, meanwhile, is no stranger to the world of comic book movies, having entered the world of cinema as a stuntman, bringing his talents to various Marvel Studio films including Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Endgame. He recently moved on to directing with Netflix’s hugely popular action release. Extraction, with Chris Hemsworth, for whom a sequel is in development.

Prophet first appeared in Youngblood # 2 in July 1992, before receiving his own eponymous series in 1993 courtesy of Image Comics. With the talents of Jake Gyllenhaal and Sam Hargrave now on board, the anti-Captain America adaptation of Prophet’s film adaptation of the Super-Soldier has all the makings to be a welcome addition to the comic book genre of more and more popular. This comes to us courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

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