Jamie Lee Curtis defends Scarlett Johansson in Disney lawsuit

  • Curtis made it clear that she supports Johansson in an article she wrote for Time’s 100 Most Influential People.
  • “Don’t fuck with that mama bear,” Curtis wrote of Johansson.
  • Johansson sued Disney for breach of contract over the release of “Black Widow.”

Jamie Lee Curtis has let the world know that she is part of Team Scarlett Johansson in the midst of her trial with Disney.

The legendary actress wrote an article in Time magazine, which honored the “Black Widow” star for being included in her list of the 100 most influential people for 2021. And Curtis did not leave out the recent one. Johansson drama with the studio.

“I recently watched his own screen as Black Widow, who takes revenge on a powerful character who manipulates (the emphasis is on the male) women to fight for him,” Curtis wrote.

“And then I saw her brilliant response to actual manipulation (same emphasis), when she filed a breach of contract complaint against the studio, alleging that her decision to release the film simultaneously in theaters and streaming had her cost substantial losses in earnings. “

“Whether it is as an assassin with a conscience, an actor with an emotional center or, having just given birth to her second child, a fierce mother, the message is clear: don’t fuck with this mother bear,” concluded Curtis in his song.

Scarlett johansson black widow

Scarlett Johansson in “Black Widow”.

Marvel studios

At the end of July, after Marvel’s “Black Widow” simultaneously released in theaters and on Disney +, Johansson sued Disney, claiming the studio had violated his contract, potentially causing him to miss out on a significant salary as his salary was largely based on the box office. performance. According to the Wall Street Journal, it could miss out on $ 50 million.

Disney responded to Johansson’s lawsuit, saying in a statement that the actress has earned $ 20 million so far for the film.

Since the lawsuit became public, other actors who have worked on Marvel films have expressed their support for Johansson, including Elizabeth Olsen and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Curtis and Johansson have been close ever since Johansson played Curtis’ mother, actress Janet Leigh, in the 2012 film “Hitchcock,” the biopic about legendary director Alfred Hitchcock.

“There’s a moment in this movie that surprises me, where I look at Scarlett and she’s my mom,” Curtis wrote for the play Time.

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