Letter from the HTSI Editor: How to reset this summer

HTSI Editor Jo Ellison © Marili Andre

Minutes before leaving for the airport last month, en route to the last outpost of Lanserhof on the small German island of Sylt, I took a rapid antigen test. Disaster. Not for me the delights of the state-of-the-art medical spa and Frisian retreat, nor the prospect of the legendary clinic ‘cure’. The result was positive. Out of the suitcase came the stretchy leggings and high-slob loungewear I had packed in anticipation. My dreams of sculpting a smoking hot bikini body have faded away. A mild, annoyingly asymptomatic case of Covid sabotaged my anticipation, and a five-day quarantine period in Kilburn beckoned instead.

The thatched roof of the Lanserhof Sylt spa

The thatched roof of the Lanserhof Sylt spa resort © Kasper Palsnov

Despite such personal disappointment, however, I was reluctantly delighted that my colleague Rosanna Dodds had been able to undertake this most grueling task, traveling unannounced to the sandy archipelago to offer herself to the expertise of the Lanserhof’s team of diagnostic experts, personal trainers and gut health practitioners. I was even more reluctantly thrilled to find that the piece she turned in was infinitely better than anything I could have written anywhere.

Sylt occupies a curious position in the national imagination. A seaside resort that many equate with the Hamptons, the region has been a sandy summer destination for wealthy Germans for sixty years: calm, discreet and fragrant with privilege, it is a bastion of distinguished life that has been reawakened this year, both by the arrival of a new cohort of tourists taking advantage of the cheap summer tolls to the island, and the arrival of a world-class spa resort on its famous dunes. Rosie has found an island in a state of slight adjustment to newcomers as it emerges as a more visible presence on the global travel scene. No doubt he will be reinstalling himself shortly; after all, the silty environment rarely stays in one place for very long.

Susanne Kapoor in the courtyard of her home in Lipari, wearing a Dries Van Noten caftan

Susanne Kapoor in the courtyard of her home in Lipari, wearing a Dries Van Noten caftan © Maureen M Evans

The inner courtyard that connects the rooms of Kapoor's house

The inner courtyard that connects the rooms of Kapoor’s house © Maureen M Evans

Susanne Kapoor’s home in Lipari, off the coast of northern Sicily, is surrounded by volcanoes, though the only explosive details of her quiet sanctuary are in the vivid details of the chevron tiles that decorate the floor. Former wife of artist Anish Kapoor, Susanne bought her summer home following their split, and her retreat to Lipari is as much an expression of aesthetic independence as anything else. Fiona Golfar went to visit her with artist Tarka Kings (creator of the floor art) to find out why Susanne was so irresistibly drawn to the island.

Totême linen-blend shirt, £310.  Proenza Schouler cotton gabardine trousers, £985.  Tilly Sveaas Gold Plated Bracelet Set, £350, & Large Gold Plated Oval Link Bracelet, £360

Totême linen-blend shirt, £310. Proenza Schouler cotton gabardine trousers, £985. Tilly Sveaas gold-plated bangle set, £350, and large gold-plated oval link bracelet, £360 © Benjamin Vnuk

The great summer is for many readers the time when we can finally recharge our batteries and relax. Many of you will be on vacation reading this; this is the month to reboot the system and bring us back to our brightest best. Even so, few will achieve the enviable luminosity of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, our cover star and model, who this month celebrates her first year as a beauty founder and entrepreneur. She also had a second baby. As you do.

Rosie’s ambitions put her among a new generation of celebrity-founding ventures – she joins Tracee Ellis Ross, Alicia Keys, Scarlett Johansson and Harry Styles among those hoping to take a bite out of an industry that’s expected to be worth $135 billion. ‘by the end of 2022 After spending so much time as a guinea pig for various makeup artists during her modeling work, Rosie has been immersed in “research and development” in all things cosmeceutical for most of his career. That she has developed a highly successful line of hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic products should come as no surprise.


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