Marvel: 10 weirdest heroes, ranked

Marvel has some of the most respected heroes ever created, the best known being the stars of television, movies and video games. Their adventures have captivated audiences for decades, as they battled intimidating villains and saved Earth more times than they can count. While many Marvel heroes are ordinary, there are quite a few weird ones.

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Comics have always embraced weird concepts. While the Marvel Universe has always traded realism and seriousness, that doesn’t mean things haven’t gotten a little weird over the years. There are many weird Marvel heroes out there, some of the weirdest in comics.

ten The Great Lakes Avengers are the weirdest super team in the Marvel Universe

Great Lakes Avengers in a restaurant

The Great Lakes Avengers are one of the wackiest Marvel teams. Even though they have powerful members, the powers of this team of misfits weren’t enough to make them join one of the more popular teams. Instead, they united to patrol the Great Lakes region and keep its citizens safe.

Enough played for laughs, Mr. Immortal, Dinah Soar, Flatman, Doorman, and Big Bertha weren’t exactly ready for the big leagues, but they gave it their all, trying to prove they were worthy of the Avengers title.

9 Xorn has a star for a head

Presented at the Grant Morrison Seminar New X-Men run, Xorn was supposed to be a red herring for Magneto, so fans wouldn’t understand that the Mutant Master of Magnetism had joined the group. However, later returns would reveal that Xorn had a brother who had the same powers as him.

The Xorn brothers’ mutations were the same – they had a star in their heads and wore iron masks to protect the others from the effects. They could both manipulate gravity to create a black hole and were much more powerful than people thought.

8 The weird thing about the Hulk is that he’s considered a hero at all

Immortal Hulk below the plaza gate

The Hulk, at first glance, isn’t much of a strange character. However, what’s odd is that characters like him aren’t generally considered heroes. Looking at the story of the Hulk, it’s kinda silly that he’s considered a hero.

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In fact, there is no need to look further than his first appearance for his creators’ opinion on him – they called him the “weirdest hero of all”. While others have claimed the title since, that doesn’t make it any less bizarre.

7 Beak takes the bird-themed hero in an unexpected direction


The comics have always been full of bird-themed characters – usually majestic birds like hawks or sinister like crows. However, there was rarely one based on one of the world’s most populous birds – the chicken. Well, until Grant Morrison hits Marvel, sure. by Morrison New X-Men run went in many strange directions, and one of them turned out to be Beak.

Beak’s mutation turned him into a chicken. This transition wasn’t great for him, as he wasn’t exactly the most attractive person, but he made it the best. Beak learned to fly and earned his place with the X-Men.

6 Angel was not what she looked like

Yet another mutant created by Grant Morrison who entered the Strange Heroes scene was Angel. Usually, one would expect someone with their name to have powers more similar to the first angel of the X-Men. While she certainly had wings, hers were much less angelic in shape.

Angel’s mutation turned her into a human fly – she vomited acid to help her digest food, and she had the wings of a fly. When she got pregnant with Beak, she laid eggs and had children who had the genetics of chickens and flies. It doesn’t get much stranger than that.

5 Eyeboy was exactly what he looked like

When it comes to weird Marvel heroes, mutants take the cake. Concrete example – Eyeboy. Unlike Angel, Eyeboy was exactly what he looked like – he’s a guy with eyes all over his body. While that’s a pretty disturbing visual, he’s anything but – he’s a shredded young man, who always wants to help and hasn’t let his mutation bring him down.

Eyeboy can see everything in all directions, and he is even able to detect different types of energy. This ability made him perfect in Krakoa when he joined the X-Factor to help them investigate the death of the mutants.

4 Maggot’s digestive system has come to life

Maggot was one of the less beloved X-Men characters of the ’90s. He was lost in the reshuffle when creator Scott Lobdell left the Strange X-Men, and it took a while for his powers to be revealed. The maggots he was named after were his digestive system that came to life; they would eat things, and he would absorb them, acquiring superhuman strength.

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All of Maggot’s schtick was weird and while he was imaginative, people didn’t like the character very much. He’s drifted in and out of the X-Men for years and is now a rarely seen resident of Krakoa.

3 Squirrel Girl is one of Marvel’s most successful weird heroes

Squirrel Girl Frosting a Cake

On the surface, Squirrel Girl is vaguely ridiculous. Still, she beat Doctor Doom right off the bat and the creators looked into that, as Squirrel Girl defeated some of the most dangerous villains in the Marvel Universe. Eventually, it was revealed that her abilities allowed her to beat anyone, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl was born.

Even though his whole gadget ruins the serious nature of the Marvel Universe, he’s a charming character that fans love. She runs with squirrels and beats everyone in the fights.

2 Deadpool is one of the strangest mainstream heroes

Deadpool, a superhero who once killed the entire universe

Deadpool has gone from being a semi-serious bounty hunter to the funniest person in the Marvel Universe. It was leaning into the comedic aspects of Deadpool, as well as the ultra-violence, that made him such a household name. It was a huge change from the sarcastic assassin of the early ’90s and it paid off.

Deadpool is one of the most popular heroes in the Marvel Universe. He wears his weirdness on his sleeve and is a lot of fun to read. His crazy mix of violence, humor and the weirdest stuff imaginable makes him a winner.

1 Impossible Man was one of Marvel’s first comedy characters

Impossible Man stole the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos

In The Fantastic Four # 11, Impossible Man first appeared as an eccentric alien created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. He was an immortal shapeshifter who could transform into anything. While he always tried to do the right thing, he was a bit boring and annoyed the heroes most often.

Impossible Man’s Transfiguration skills allowed him to use the abilities of anyone and anything he came into contact with. These powers also made him more comedic, and he set the stage for many future Marvel characters.

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