Marvel fans frustrated by no-show at D23

While Marvel’s presence at this year’s D23 Expo provided a glimpse into the future of the MCU, with trailers for both night werewolf and Secret Invasion online, many other corners have remained unexplored – at least for the general public.

A few projects, in particular, have felt stalled lately, perhaps most notably those related to the Disney/Fox merger. While the The Fantastic Four The film recently received a confirmed release date and director, but fans were disappointed with the lack of additional information about the project, including the cast of Marvel’s First Family, a topic that rumors are flying wildly about.

The mutant corner of the universe is also unclear. Although both Dead Pool 3 and some sort of X-Men project is definitely coming at some point, with the former even having confirmed a few plot details, this most recent event hasn’t touched on those movies.

While fans maintain their excitement for these upcoming projects, the lack of any real news has ruffled some feathers, especially on the back of a maybe teasing at the wrong time from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld on Twitter.

Fans disappointed and confused by the absence of Deadpool 3


Following the complete lack of news from Deadpool or Mutant at D23 Expo, fans took to Twitter to express their displeasure. Although the reactions were somewhat mixed, there was a question mark in many fan comments about the presentation without Deadpool.

@Garrick Groover accepted the lack of X-Men-centric announcements, but was confused by the lack of any news regarding the Merc with a Mouth:

“I can understand not announcing anything X-Men yet but not even a whiff of Deadpool 3 news?”

@tno98 noted the Deadpool-shaped hole in the proceedings, but expressed understanding and excitement over the rest of the panel’s announcements, believing they had made up for it:

“Like I was wholeheartedly waiting for Deadpool 3 upstream, but we didn’t get it. But we got SO MUCH here. Lots of trailers, Thunderbolts lineup, Werewolf By Night announced, Armor Wars still planned, I I’m definitely excited about it”

@SweetANDSour116 was simply “shocked” by the fact that Marvel chose not to discuss Dead Pool 3:

“Shocked there’s no mention of Deadpool 3.”

@Zack_Parks offered an exasperated explanation for the missing movie, thinking Dead Pool 3 is just too far at this point:

“Sigh. They can’t be far enough on DEADPOOL 3.”

@Real_CalebClay felt that Dead Pool 3 would make the most sense as an addition to the upcoming phase 5, calling out the potential 3-4 year wait “mad:”

“Deadpool should be part of phase 5 just to say… The idea of ​​them making fans wait until 2025-2026 for Deadpool 3 is nonsense to me but that’s just my opinion…brother “

@hhhhekkkk drop a single “WTF” because of Dead Pool 3Absence of at Expo D23:

“WTF… so no Deadpool 3 announcement??”

@Bellagots made a joke at Marvel’s expense, thinking the delayed rollout of Dead Pool 3 even make a The Green Lantern following a better prospect for Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds:

“Wow, still no Deadpool 3 announcement after years of keeping fans waiting? Ryan Reynolds should leave Marvel and go do Green Lantern 2 for Discovery.”

Where is Deadpool 3?

When it comes to Dead Pool 3, the question on everyone’s lips seems to be where she is. While the movie is surely a long way off, Marvel’s refusal to seriously discuss it at a major event is odd. Considering that projects like The Fantastic Four and Avengers: Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars have already been announced and discussed, the dead Pool threequel could surely get a shout out.

For one, the film’s lack of any kind of Marvel panel may be due to its release distance, as @Zack_Parks suggests. Since any kind of development or production schedule for the project is unclear, it could very well be that far off.

However, secondary evidence suggests this may not be the case. Recent photos of Reynolds’ fitness trainer appear to indicate the actor has started training for Dead Pool 3putting the film closer to production than some would venture to guess.

Plus, if the project is indeed still years away, Marvel could easily announce a generous release window, bring out Ryan Reynolds, or even just reconfirm his status – all moves that would likely have generated considerable fan excitement.

More likely, Marvel is determined to play coy with its Mutant films. With Deadline recently reporting that a x-men film “It hasn’t happened for very long” and Marvel seemingly intent on ignoring its mutant characters in any real way, it looks like a clear plan for MCU Mutandom is still in the works, or at least some way off.

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