Marvel shares ‘Loki’ craziness in new trailer

Actor Tom Hiddleston returns to the MCU despite his character being killed by Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War.” Marvel Studios will share in Disney Plus the “Loki” series, a Phase 4 production of the Avengers that shows the aftermath of the heroes’ mission failure when they’ve traveled down memory lane.

Recall that in “Avengers: Endgame” we see that the character steals the Tesseract and escapes to another dimension. Well, now it’s been revealed that he actually went through different time frames.

For this reason, in the first advances of the series, we see that he was captured by TVA, the authority of the time. Instead of being incarcerated, your punishment will be to help this authority fix the delays.

Of course, the essence of the character has not been lost. The last official trailer for the production bears the title of Chaos and we see that Loki is still someone who cannot be trusted.

“Loki, you have a lot of problems,” Mobius comments. “What do you want from me,” Loki replies before being sent on his difficult mission. In the following images, we see that he begins to play with the authority of time.

Tim Miller spoke about Deadpool’s approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Deadpool is one of those Marvel characters that gets a lot of expectation. After two blockbuster films at the hands of Fox, there are rumors that he is about to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could join the Avengers team.

Recall that Disney bought Fox and is now preparing for the inclusion of new characters in the MCU such as the Fantastic Four. Unsurprisingly, the focus was on the X-Men and Deadpool.

The former have not yet shown any sign of returning to the big screen, but the “Bocazas” are getting closer and closer. Currently, the issue is whether Marvel is ready to change Deadpool’s age to make him part of the MCU.

Tim Miller, director of the first Deadpool movie, spoke to the outlet about this case.

“Yes. I think Ryan Reynolds‘ version of the character and the way he accepts that particular kind of madness, even if you said he won’t use four-letter words, that would still be there. that character. You can cut out the R-rated pieces if you want to and it would still be Deadpool if Ryan did, ”he explains.

Basically, this explains that Deadpool 3, even if they change the age, will remain the same due to the great performance of Ryan Reynolds according to the director.

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