Marvel: what are the abilities and superpowers of the “Eternals”?

There is no doubt that adapting the Avengers to the big screen was one of Marvel Studios’ most successful decisions. After 13 years of premieres, the production company has already wrapped up Phase 3 with “Avengers: Endgame,” where some comic book heroes left the team, either because of their retirement or because they died. But the time has come to make space for the “Eternals”.

After showing off one of Marvel’s most powerful villains (Thanos), now is the time to meet the heroes and characters who have powers and abilities that elude the level of the Avengers and the Purple Being himself. .

Who are the protagonists of the “Eternals” and what are their powers?

Ikaris – One of the leaders of the Eternals team will be played by Richard Madden. Apparently, he will have the ability to manipulate cosmic energy; Additionally, in the comics he’s been shown to be immune to disease and not getting old.

Sersi: another of the leaders of the Eternals. Gemma Chan will play the character who has witch powers, she can also change the matter and composition of living organisms.

Thena: Angelina Jolie joined the MCU on this project to play the mighty Thena. He would have a starring role in this movie due to his fighting skills and the creation of any cosmic energy weapon.

Ajak: Salma Hayek is another of the Hollywood stars joining “Eternals”. He is one of the wisest and has supported the development of humanity through knowledge. He can also quickly heal others and communicate with the celestials.

Makkari: This will be one of the fastest characters in the MCU. Not only can it move all over the Earth in seconds, but also across the universe. Lauren Ridloff will be the actor who will play this character.

Kingo: Actor Kumail Nanjiani has shown on social media his arduous indoor training for the role. He can wield weapons, use cosmic energy, and has great fighting skills.

Druig: This could be one of the villains in the movie because he’s normally at odds with the Eternals. Barry Keoghan will be Druig, who has the ability to manipulate spirits.

Sprite – Young Lia McHugh will take on the role of this Eternal. In addition to the powers of other Eternals related to cosmic energy, he can also create illusions in the minds of others.

Tim Miller spoke about Deadpool’s approach to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Deadpool is one of those Marvel characters that gets a lot of expectation. After two blockbuster films at the hands of Fox, there are rumors that he is about to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe and could join the Avengers team.

Recall that Disney bought Fox and is now preparing for the inclusion of new characters in the MCU such as the Fantastic Four. Unsurprisingly, the focus was on the X-Men and Deadpool.

The former have not yet shown any sign of returning to the big screen, but the “Bocazas” are getting closer and closer. Currently, the issue is whether Marvel is ready to change Deadpool’s age to make him part of the MCU.

Tim Miller, director of the first Deadpool movie, spoke to the outlet about this case.

“Yes. I think Ryan Reynolds’ version of the character and the way he accepts that particular kind of madness, even if you said he won’t use four-letter words, that would still be there. that character. You can cut out the R-rated pieces if you want to and it would still be Deadpool if Ryan did, ”he explains.

Basically, this explains that Deadpool 3, even if they change the age, will remain the same due to the great performance of Ryan Reynolds according to the director.

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