Marvel’s 10 Most Unlikely Heroes

Marvel heroes have always been known for being fallible, but some have been taken to the next level. For years, there have been characters whose hero status has been questioned by fans. Sometimes they’re reformed villains and other times they’re the kind of heroes who have no problem slaying their enemies. Some of these characters have a lot of skeletons in their closet that everyone has to ignore.

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These unlikely heroes have all done good in their own way, but it often comes with the kind of body count or complications that are often overlooked by their comrades. As a result, Marvel Comics is full of unlikely heroes.

ten Scarlet Witch never faces the consequences of her actions

Scarlet Witch is the hero everyone makes excuses for. She’s been a valiant Avenger for years, as her magical and reality-altering powers come into play for the team. However, she also tried to kill them many times, sometimes because she was mind-controlled and sometimes because her grief and other emotions had gotten to her.

While there are often extenuating circumstances when Scarlet Witch does something like rewrite reality or rob millions of mutants and cause thousands of deaths, none of that should hold up. Scarlet Witch never faces the consequences of her actions and she is as dangerous as any villain.

9 Gorgon was made Captain of Krakoan even though he was part of Hydra

Gorgon first made a name for himself by taking control of the Hand, hatching a plan to kill and resurrect Wolverine, then using it to attack the heroes of the world. He also became a high-ranking member of Hydra, but was eventually killed by Wolverine. Hydra resurrected the powerful mutant and he returned to his evil ways, battling the Secret Warriors of Nick Fury and Old Man Logan.

Grogon was also part of Hydra Cap’s takeover of the United States, but was granted asylum along with other mutant villains on Krakoa. He was immediately named one of the great captains of the island, responsible for the safety and security of the region. It was a great reversal of fortune for him, which no one would have guessed. He was killed fighting the White Sword in Otherworld, though he has since been resurrected.

8 Silver Surfer is noble but he is guilty of large-scale genocide

Silver Surfer is the most heroic of Galactus’ many heralds. Serving the World Eater to save his homeworld of Zenn-La, Silver Surfer did his best to lead Galactus to lifeless worlds, but it wasn’t always possible. This means that no matter how noble Silver Surfer is, he has still participated in the deaths of countless beings over the years.

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Beyond that, the fact that Silver Surfer ever rebelled against Galactus, knowing it could cost him his world, was highly unlikely. Surfer has more than proven himself to be a great hero in the years since, but the fact that it happened was not something anyone could have guessed.

seven Akihiro spent years as an assassin before joining Krakoa

Wolverine’s children are very varied. He wasn’t exactly the best of fathers, although sometimes that was beyond his control. The situation with Akihiro was a good example. Akihiro’s mother, Itsu, was killed by the Winter Soldier while Wolverine was on a mission, and Romulus cut baby Akihiro from her corpse. Raised to hate his father, Akihiro eventually became an assassin.

Akihiro and Wolverine clashed several times, with their battle ending when Wolverine was forced to drown his son. Akihiro was resurrected as a Death Rider and would light up on Logan after the mutant died. Like other villainous mutants, he joined the nation of Krakoa, eventually making peace with his father and working with X-Factor and the Marauders.

6 Magneto has saved mankind many times

Magneto’s tragic life has made him quite likable at times. He is a noble man, but his hatred of humanity is often as bad as the human race’s fanaticism towards mutants. He’s been a member of the X-Men for a long time now, joining to protect the few remaining mutants after M-Day. However, he also ended up saving humanity on several occasions.

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Magneto as a hero is still weird because there’s still a very powerful strain of mutant supremacy running through him. He will save the world because mutants live there, even if it also helps people he would rather not see.

5 Namor has tried to destroy humanity many times

Namor is the most powerful aquatic hero in the comics, although calling him a hero is a bit of a stretch. Namor has attempted to destroy the surface world on several occasions. He constantly causes conflict in the superhero team he is part of and his best friend is Doctor Doom. For some reason, however, the X-Men and the Avengers are still courting Namor’s membership.

Namor oscillates between wanting to kill all the humans on the planet or saving the world. There’s really no in-between with him. He’s just as likely to try to destroy Reed Richards with Doctor Doom as he is to hang out with the Avengers.

4 Sandman was a reserve avenger

Sandman has been fighting Spider-Man for years. He was always more of a thief and henchman than a killer. That’s why it was easy for him to reform. He stopped fighting Spider-Man and robbing banks, eventually becoming a hero. He was turned into a reserve Avenger and worked with Silver Sable’s Wild Pack.

Sandman’s stint on the side of the angels didn’t last forever, but he made a better hero than anyone could have imagined. He even got to work with his old nemesis Spider-Man on occasion. Nobody would have ever guessed that Sandman would become a hero, which was all the better for it.

3 The punisher is a mass murderer

The Punisher first caught everyone’s attention by attacking Spider-Man, who he thought was a criminal. He made a bad first impression on the heroes, which hasn’t changed. The Punisher was openly antagonistic with all of the heroes, and the feeling was mutual. The Punisher isn’t the only hero who kills, but he’s the worst of them all.

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Punisher is just a killer. That’s all he does. He sends no one to prison and spares no one. He’s a mass killer. Although most heroes don’t work with him, there have been times when they’ve ignored who the Punisher is to help them.

2 Hulk is more of a monster than a hero

Hulk is a very complex person, but calling him a hero just doesn’t make much sense. Hulk is most often a destructive monster. The damage he caused makes some villains downright angelic. He single-handedly beat the Avengers more than any of their other foes. Hulk has done some good things, but he’s still a monster.

Hulk is often the villain in his own stories. When he appears in other heroes’ books, he usually fights them for a good chunk of the time. Hulk saved the world, but it’s almost incidental. He doesn’t do it out of altruism.

1 Deadpool finally stopped chasing heroes and worked with them

Deadpool had a strange journey to heroism. He spent years battling X-Force and other mutant heroes before slowly becoming a more heroic version of himself. Deadpool is another mass murderer but he’s funny, which made his ultra-violence all the more palatable. As a hero, he’s pretty boring to the people he works with, but he has heart in him.

Deadpool didn’t stop being a mass murderer as a hero, but for some reason everyone lets it slide. This is the most surprising aspect of his heroic career. People just overlook his tendency to kill everyone in his path.

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