Mephisto’s vision for the future teases Marvel’s version of Hypertime

Mephisto’s vision for the future of the Marvel Universe might hint that the Earth-616 timeline works similarly to DC’s Hypertime.

The Marvel Universe has largely followed an overall timeline since its inception. There was no Crisis on Infinite Earths Where Black Nights: Death Metal for Earth-616, with even the events threatening the reality of Secret wars do not erase or replace the established history of the timeline. But in the future, it might have a unique similarity to the DC Universe.

Recent events in The Incredible Spider-Man revealed more about the possible future of the core Marvel Universe. And strangely enough, that implies that it also functions the same as a major function in the DC Universe.

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Introduced in The kingdom by Mark Waid and a host of artists, Hypertime has proven to be the status of DC’s timeline in the post-Crisis universe. Essentially, the timeline can split in surprising directions and join the main timeline, leading to a structure where the universe could easily incorporate new realities and possible futures. They could easily blend together or reappear elements in other stories, and there was no defined future for the DC Universe. It allows all possible futures to be more or less possible, to blend together in the days to come – to overlap when necessary and to separate when it is safe. It has more or less replaced the multiverse in the post-Crisis DC Universe and is part of the current conception of the DC Universe.

Notably, Marvel never had a massive DC-like universal reboot that severely affected the continuity. There have been more setbacks and contained changes, but much of it is a single timeline, with many possible futures that (if avoided) have fragmented into their own distinct reality as Days of the future past or the MC2 Universe. But Mephisto’s vision of The Incredible Spider-Man # 74 by Nick Spencer, Christos N. Gage, Marcelo Ferreira, Mark Bagley, Ze Carlos, Dio Neves, Carlos Gomez, Ivan Fiorelli, and Humberto Ramos implies that the Marvel Universe is secretly operating on a similar basis. As he describes his vision to Doctor Strange after Kindred’s defeat, the demon has spent countless years witnessing to a possible future.

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May Parker in the future as Spider-Girl fighting Mephisto

In it, Mephisto and his demonic hordes were ultimately victorious. He was seated atop a throne in a devastated New York City, surrounded by the countless defeated or dead heroes who have fallen trying to stop him. But ultimately, it was a variant of Spider-Woman – the daughter of Peter Parker from the MC2 universe – always swaying and provocative until the end. Mephisto reveals that she was destined to be the one to defeat him, and that’s why Mephisto targeted her parents and tried to prevent May’s birth in events like An extra day. But rather than simply confirming that MC2’s timeline is indeed the future of the Marvel Universe, the characters in other the possible realities are shown on the battlefield.

There’s James Rogers, the heroic leader of the Next Avengers (and son of Black Widow and Captain America), as well as plenty of older X-Men – Beast, Molly Hayes, and Deadpool – from the future depicted in Battle of the atom. Each of them originates from other possible futures, and yet seems to be part of Mephisto’s vision of a future universe. This implies that Marvel’s future is somewhat fluid and able to collect elements from each other, the same way Hypertime works – with aspects of multiple timelines appearing together. It’s an interesting way to codify how Marvel’s futures work and leave the door open for popular future concepts – such as Luke Cage’s daughter and Jessica Jones becoming a future Captain America – to be part of the overall future of the Marvel. core-Marvel Universe.

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