Miles Morales became the Marvel version of Robin in Heroes Reborn

In the latest One-Hit Link with Marvel’s Heroes Reborn, Miles Morales becomes Robin’s equivalent for DC’s Marvel version of Batman.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Squadron # 1

In the latest one-shot comic book linked to Marvel Hero Reborn, Miles Morales turns out to have become DC’s Marvel equivalent Robin, especially Tim Drake. In this revamped and remixed Marvel Universe, Nighthawk is one of Earth’s main heroes, serving as an analogue to Batman. Likewise, he also suffers the death of his partner Falcon, just as DC’s Dark Knight did with his second Robin Jason Todd. However, Miles Morales soon emerges with the intention of replacing Nighthawk’s partner as the new Falcon, although things don’t go as well for Miles as they do for Tim.

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In Marvel’s Hero Reborn Eventually, the universe was changed with the drastic shift of America’s Supreme Squadron becoming Earth’s Mightiest Heroes instead of the Avengers who never assembled at all. However, this major shift created quite a domino effect of the changes, which include the different life paths of the Champions, now known as Young Squadron in this new one-shot from writer Jim Zub and artist Steven. Cummings. While Ms. Marvel took after Power Princess as Girl Power and Nova is now Kid Spectrum following in Doctor Spectrum’s footsteps, Miles Morales’ journey into Young Squadron # 1 is very different from those of his comrades, as they were quickly accepted by their SSA mentors.

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In Miles’ case, he grew up idolizing superheroes, with a special love for Nighthawk and Falcon, the Batman and Robin of this changed reality. However, Falcon was killed by Nighthawk’s enemy known as the Goblin, tragically mirroring the death of Jason Todd’s Robin who was killed by the Joker in DC Comics. Some time later, Miles saw the opportunity to audition to be Nighthawk’s new Falcon with his own flight gear that he built himself. Likewise, it also bears a similarity to how Tim Drake auditioned / applied to be Batman’s next Robin. However, Nighthawk rejected Miles … hard.


Despite being shut down by his idol and threats from Nighhawk to put him in a juvenile room, Miles was still determined to work as the new Falcon. He was then motivated to find and team up with Girl Power and Kid Spectrum, and together they formed the Young Squadron. However, they quickly gained the upper hand thanks to a conflict with an even more vicious and insane Deadpool. As they ended up saving the day, Deadpool helped them realize that the SSA isn’t quite what they thought it was.

This leads the teens to change their team’s name as champions, wanting to be better as a new generation of heroes. However, Nighthawk was revealed to be still on the hunt for Miles as the new Falcon. Despite his claims that he wanted to “help” Miles, Girl Power and Kid Spectrum were smart enough to realize that Nighthawk was lying, and they covered up for their new friend. While it looks like the relationship with the Marvel version of Batman hasn’t transferred, it’s still cool to see. Miles Morales like the new Falcon and Robin counterpart nevertheless in Hero Reborn.

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