Moon Knight Will Bring “A New Level Of Brutality” To The MCU

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige says Moon Knight will push the envelope and bring a change of tone to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Moon Knight is set to have a very big impact on the MCU when the six-part limited series debuts on Disney+ next month, as not only will the series deliver a dose of dark, supernatural action to the franchise, but according to Kevin Feige will also put the brutality levels at the TV-14 limit. Although the MCU has fallen on hard times and is littered with fight scenes, it feels like the Moon Knight will really see the franchise grow and exploit a newfound freedom on Disney+.

Moon Knight is the first of a series of darker characters to be introduced to the MCU over the next few years. With night werewolf and Blade, Moon Knight has supernatural elements and is steeped in mythology that has so far only been hinted at in the Marvel franchise. Oscar Isaac leads the cast in the title role as a vigilante who suffers from a sleep disorder, has multiple personalities, and is related to the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. The series also features Ethan Hawke as main antagonist Arthur Harrow with Lucy Thackeray, May Calamawy and Gaspard Ulliel in one of his last recorded roles before his sad death in a skiing accident.


To discuss Moon Knight in the latest issue of Empire magazine, Kevin Feige made it clear that the ultra-violent way in which Moon Knight dispatches his enemies in the comics won’t be watered down for his Disney+ debut. It’s a sign that things are changing in the MCU, with upcoming tonal shifts that will shake up the franchise. He said:

“He is brutal. It’s been fun working with Disney+ and seeing the limits of what we’re able to do. There are moments [in the series] when Moon Knight laments another character, and it’s loud and brutal, and the knee-jerk reaction is, “We’re going to stand down, aren’t we?” No. We are not backing down. There is a change in tone. It’s a different thing. It is Moon Knight.”

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Moon Knight Will Change What’s Possible In The MCU And Set Up Future Dark Characters

For now Wanda Vision premiered on Disney+, it was clear that the MCU’s somewhat set cinematic storytelling style wasn’t going to be exactly the same when it came to their TV release. Disney+ allowed plenty of experimentation in length, format, and tone, including combining the sitcom and all-out Marvel action of Wanda vision and the next legal comedy of She-Hulk. With Feige’s comments, the platform clearly allows Marvel Studios to also fully explore the limits of the brutal violence they can depict in their stories.

It’s always been believed that when it comes to comic book movies, Marvel Studios delivers flamboyant, brightly colored action movies with big explosions and lots of humor, while Warner Bros. movies. DC have produced dark, brooding, and violent films that push the boundaries of the rating system. With Moon Knightit looks like the MCU is about to approach the same territory that Batman has often trod. With the MCU which should soon welcome dead Pool in all its R-rated glory, it’s clear that Marvel Studios is leading the way in its more adult-oriented content with the likes of Moon Knightand it will be interesting to see how the show is received when it premieres on March 30.

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