‘Morbius’ Director Talks About Jared Leto’s Long Hair Look

With Morbius Now in theaters and, er, not exactly wowing critics (Or Martin Scorsese. Sorry, Tyrese.), director Daniel Espinosa has been an open book on the filmmaking process after experiencing a record number of delays due of the pandemic. What has become abundantly clear in these post-release interviews is that Espinosa is clearly a big fan of Michael Morbius The Living Vampire, especially the character’s heyday in Marvel Comics’ 70s. love of the character that got him thinking about how Morbius should look in his first film, and that includes getting Jared Leto’s hair just right, even though the actor basically looks like his usual rock star.

“I think he should be like the long-haired, Tony Stark-y kind of person,” Espinosa said. The envelope before shifting the conversation to the debate over whether or not to use prosthetics or CGI to create Morbius’ vampire appearance, which involved some advice from Ryan Reynolds:

Yeah, but first we went to this idea that it would be prosthetics. Because I know Ryan Reynolds, we had done two movies before, so I called him because I knew he was a big prosthetics guy, he really liked what he was doing on “Deadpool.” And who doesn’t love “Deadpool”?

And so we started with prostheses, but the hardest thing about Morbius is that his look is that his nose goes up. There were like parts of the look that have to do with negative space, that you can’t really do that with prosthetics. Then we had to figure out if we were going to make the head extra large.

Ultimately, Espinosa was convinced to go the CGI route by his VFX supervisor, who worked on Thanos’ face for The Avengers movies and said he could deliver something even better because the technology had already improved so much. To Espinosa’s surprise, Sony released the extra money and Morbius‘ has his photorealistic “pig nose” that fans of the comic will easily recognize.

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