Ms. Marvel Just Made Cap’s America’s Ass Gag Even Better

Ms. Marvel’s reference to Cap’s America’s Ass joke makes it even funnier by including another reference to an outdated trope from the MCU’s past.

Warning! SPOILERS for Ms. Marvel episode 1.

A disposable gag in M/s. wonder episode 1 makes the joke Avengers: Endgame on Captain America’s ass even better. Introducing Avenger mega-fan Kamala Khan as the titular hero, Ms. Marvel Episode 1 spends quite a bit of time at the first annual Avengercon. AvengerCon is littered with Easter eggs and references, with a visual gag that will make you miss a wink referencing the memorable joke of End of Game.

Kamala (Iman Vellani) and his best friend Bruno (Matt Lintz) spend the majority of Ms. Marvel Episode 1 gears up for the first Avengercon. Complications and drama arise, but the two friends manage to make it to the convention with free time before Kamala’s scheduled cosplay contest. They spend a quick montage enjoying various aspects of the convention, including booths, cosplayers, and themed food and drink. On one stand, a piece of fanart shows a cartoonish Captain America with a pronounced posterior, looking over his shoulder (a la Black Widow) with the caption, “You are welcome, America.”


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This Ms. Marvel Episode 1 references a popular joke, and a meme from a former MCU property is fitting, given its main character’s fandom leanings. Referencing the sometimes problematic sexualization of female Marvel characters, including Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow, brings the joke to life in an even more satisfying way. Marvel not only acknowledges its fans and their memes, but shoots down its own history of blindness or recklessness for the over-sexualization of its female superheroes.

It’s all the more satisfying that the joke exists in Mrs. Marvel. The series uses the meta-reference for much of its humor. He is also a strong teenage Muslim superhero who dresses functionally and non-sexualized. Kamala Khan reveres Captain Marvel who also avoided over-sexualization – in the MCU, anyway. The added humor in Marvel not only pointing to Captain America’s ass joke, but doing so while poking fun at his history shows both a growth and a new sense of meta-reference that perfectly matches the tone of Ms. Marvel.

While fans of the Avengers universe know the joke made in End of Game remains a mystery, the reference to the Captain America joke in End of Game fits perfectly with Ms. Marvelit’s meta-humor. Ms. Marvel first episode is littered with meta references and easter eggs. Including the gag on Captain America’s ass, while also referencing Black Widow, shows a refreshing sense of acknowledgment of the MCU’s past. Put him in the role of women Ms. Marvel suggests a positive momentum for Marvel and a willingness to address issues from the MCU’s past.

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New episodes of Ms. Marvel release Wednesdays on Disney+.

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