New Marvel Hero Appears in Hulu’s Hit-Monkey Trailer

Marvel's Hit-Monkey

Disney owns a significant stake in Hulu, which is why it still gets the occasional Marvel series now instead of Netflix, but that doesn’t mean Disney is going to give Hulu one of the Well Marvel stuff – or at least the big name Marvel stuff that’s designed to appeal to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The excellent MODOK premiered earlier this year, giving the comic book villain another nice spotlight that he’ll surely never get from the MCU, and now Hulu is gearing up to launch another Marvel animated series with Hit-Monkey, a show about a macaque assassin seeking to avenge his murdered family members. But wait! Before we say “oh, weird,” did we mention he’s friends with a ghost and the ghost is played by Jason Sudeikis? Now you can say “oh, weird”.

The series will also feature the voices of George Takei (playing a politician who is apparently a good guy), Olivia Munn (playing her niece and potentially not a good buy), Ally Maki (a good cop), Nobi Nakanishi (a bad cop, or at least “bad” like Homer Simpson on Policemen), and Fred Tatasciore (as Monkey, the Hit-Monkey). This trailer for the series, which features costumes from Hit-Monkey like John Wick and Sudeikis, also includes a quick look at Marvel’s villain, Lady Bullseye, which means that will have it too. some connection to a wider Marvel Universe. Will we see more stars from the Marvel assassin community? The other Bullseye? Dead Pool? The hand? Elektra? We can only hope, but with a killer monkey and a sarcastic ghost already on the list, casting Deadpool might be a bit too much. Hell, Deadpool sitting alone in a room is usually a bit too much.

Hit-Monkey premieres on Hulu on November 17, and Monkey the Hit-Monkey will debut in the MCU… probably never. Suppose that’s all you get, Hit-Monkey fans.

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