New Spider-Man Manga One-Shot Coming From Black Clover’s Setta Kobayashi

The creator of the Black Clover spin-off is writing a unique new manga where a new and improved Spider-Man takes his skills to the streets to fight crime.

On the heels of deadpool samurai and Secret reverse, Marvel Comics continues its manga expansion with a new Spider Man manga one shot by black cloverit is Setta Kobayashi.

If sales are any indication, manga is the future. Over the past year, Japanese manga have significantly outsold Western comics. Not wanting to be left behind, American comic companies have increased the amount of manga content they produce. No company has moved more aggressively into this space than Marvel Comics. Marvel’s current interest in manga isn’t new, however. As early as 2000, Marvel’s attempt to break into the manga industry led to the creation of the Marvel Mangaverse, an alternate Marvel universe populated by some of the publisher’s most popular characters at the time. Marvel’s interest in the manga, however, was not reciprocated by the public, and the Mangaverse was quietly discontinued. Despite the setback, Marvel never ceased its engagement with the manga industry by seeking out partners and facilitating cooperation and crossovers with its characters when circumstances demanded or opportunities presented themselves.


Related: Deadpool‘s Weapon X Rival Deserves The Same Fame As Wade WilsonAs a result, when the popular manga black clover paused a few months ago, Marvel took the opportunity to approach one of its creators to collaborate on a project. Granted, shortly after the manga returned to its regular publishing schedule last month, Shonenleaks reported that Setta Kobayashi will be directing a Marvel-manga collab titled Spider-Man: Bonds. In a post on his Twitter account, marvel japan later revealed the plot centering on a transfer student from Japan named Yuu, who becomes “fused” with Spider-Man, creating a “new Japanese Spider-Man”.

In a post on his own Twitter, setta said he hopes the one-shot will be so popular with audiences that it will be picked up as a regular post. In 2019, Kobayashi was the main force behind the 2019 series Black Clover SD Asta-Kun’s Route to the Magic Emperor‎, a humorous spinoff of the manga where the characters are drawn in the big head, small body Chibi art style. Manga publications are taking hiatus for a number of reasons, including to give the creative team a much-needed break. However, they also give the team time to pursue side projects if they wish.

Whereas black cloverit is Setta Kobayashi author of the manga, it was illustrated by Hachi Minzu. Minzu has worked with Marvel Comics on several collaborations including, most recently, the 2019 wonder × Shōnen Jump+ Super Collaboration Volume 1 #3. The Spider Man one-shot manga is currently available on Shueisha’s children’s manga-focused brand Saikyo Jump.

Source: Shonenleaks, Setta Kobayashi, marvel japan

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