“ numbness ” felt during the last mass shot

Numbness, nightmare and tragedy are words used by California officials following a mass shooting in San Jose on Wednesday where authorities say a gunman shot and killed eight people before committing suicide. (May 25)

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GAVIN NEWS: There is a numbness that I imagine some of us feel about this, because there is a similarity to it. You know, all over the United States listening to governors, mayors, chiefs talking in a similar tone in terms – expressions of condolence.

All the right emotions, and maybe the right words, but it begs the damn question, what the hell is going on in the United States of America? What is wrong with us?

And when are we going to tackle this? When are we going to give up – literally and figuratively – our politics, our outdated rhetoric, our finger pointing, all this hand-wringing dismay that produces nothing but more fury and frustration. Other scenes like this repeat over and over and over again. I say this as a governor, and I say it as a father of four children.

JEFF ROSEN: It is horrible and it is wrong. And the first time people hear that they lost their husband or their – their spouse or their brother. And it’s terrible, and it’s just a horrible thing to see. And this – and this tragedy and pain does not end today.

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