Old Cable returns to team up with the X-Men and Deadpool in Marvel’s new installment

The X-Men bring back the original Cable to help their youngest defeat Stryfe.

Former Nathan Summers aka Cable was killed during Marvel X-Men event Extermination. In this saga, he was killed by his young self for failing in the future. Since then, young Cable has been the only Nathan Summers in reality Marvel Comics 616. He’s different from his old self, having a bigger personality, an exciting personal life, and he still has his powers without metal arms.

In the recent series of Cable (written by megastar writer Gerry Duggan), the supervillain Stryfe has been brought back and he’s stolen mutant babies to start an invasion of demons. It has been weeks since we could find Stryfe and only half of the babies have been found. With lives at stake, Nathan comes up with something that isn’t allowed: he wants to get back to his old self. After much debate, Xavier and Magento (which Elixer called the Helmet Bros.) approved the return of Old Cable.

Old Cable returns to help his young self and the X-Men

Cable knows where Stryfe is. He’s currently in another dimension with an army of demons – a place that Magik says looks like limbo, but not exactly. Old Cable tells his young himself to call in the cavalry. The youngster does exactly that, getting a few X-Men and even Deadpool to help him fight. While all of this is going on, old Cable stops Stryfe from killing a baby.

Cable will end the series with number 12. It’s shocking given that young Cable has a more sympathetic personality. Again, nothing beats the original. With two existing cables, will one of them have to disappear? Not necessarily. Older Cable is a time traveler. He doesn’t have to stay in the present to be a factor for the X-Men. It can disappear and return to the present when crossing. This allows young Cable to move around without problem. We will have to wait and see.

Number 12 of Cable is released on July 28. Stay tuned for the conclusion.

What do you think? Will the old cable stay? Does that mean the younger version has to die? Let us know in the comments below.

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