One of Ryan Reynolds’ best movies towers over Netflix today

If the only yardstick by which we judge it is the Rotten Tomatoes rating, then Detective Pikachu is the greatest video game adaptation of all time, with no console-to-screen translation ever topping its 68% score. Although this is entirely subjective and based on personal preferences, it cannot be argued that the Pokemon blockbuster is the second-highest grossing effort in genre history after making $ 433 million, and it’s made more money than any other project where Ryan reynolds takes the headliner outside the dead Pool duology.

In fact, Warner Bros. was so confident Detective Pikachu It would be a success if the studio placed a sequel in active development four months before the opening even hit theaters. While their predictions were correct, the Judge Smith star recently revealed that he doesn’t think the next installment will ever happen, but his fingers are still crossed.

There were more than few eyebrows raised from Pokemon fans when it was announced that out of all content including the Sprawling Mythology, Detective Pikachu was the one chosen as the base for the property’s live-action arc. Admittedly, it seemed like an odd decision at the time, but the critical and commercial response fully justified such a bold appeal, choosing to tell a rather standard father and son story that takes place precisely in a fantasy world where creatures with powers are an accepted part of society.

Detective Pikachu is now experiencing a renaissance on Netflix, having reached the thirteenth place on the most-watched chart, so there is obviously an audience out there that would love to see the adventures of Tim Goodman and his mate continue.

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