Rob Delaney in the cast of Black Mirror season 6 on Netflix

by Netflix black mirror cast comedic actor Rob Delaney in Season 6. Many Marvel fans know Delaney from his now-iconic role as “Peter” in Deadpool 2’s version of Team X-Force; Delaney has also starred in movies like Hobbs & Shaw and family reboots like Warner Bros. Tom & Jerry Movie and Home Sweet Home Alone. Delaney will also have a role in Tom Cruise’s long-awaited sequel Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One next year, and will star in Matthew Vaughn’s spy film Argylle, which is in development.

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Currently, there are no details on who Rob Delaney is playing in Black Mirror – or what kind of story his segment of the anthology series will tell.

Black Mirror has been on a long hiatus since the release of the groundbreaking interactive film Black Mirror: Bandersnatch in late 2018 and the release of Season 5 in the summer of 2019. Rights issues have brought executive producers Charlie Booker and Annabel Jones leaving production company House of Tomorrow Shine and forming their own production company, Broke and Bones. This year it looks like the rights issues have been ironed out and Broke and Bones have gotten to work producing Black Mirror Season 6.

The sixth season (or “series”) of Black Mirror will be longer than the three-episode Season 5 run. The cast of Black Mirror Season 6 also looks pretty stacked, with Rob Delaney joining an ensemble that already includes Zazie Beetz ( Joker, Deadpool 2), Paapa Essiedu (I May Destroy You), Josh Hartnett (The Falculty), Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad, Westworld), Kate Mara (House of Cards), Danny Ramirez (The Falcon and the Soldier of the winter, Top Gun: Maverick), Clara Rugaard (Press Play), Auden Thornton (This Is Us) and Anjana Vasan (Killing Eve), Rory Culken (Succession), Annie Murphy (Schitt’s Creek) and Salma Hayek (Eternals).

The synopsis for Black Mirror is below. The show debuted in 2011 and is most often compared to The Twilight Zone reimagined for the technological age we live in. Most episodes operate as stand-alone stories, often told as mini-movies (longer than a TV show, shorter film):

“The show looks inward, towards the darker aspects of humanity and society. This is done through the theme of technology, hence the second meaning. The black mirror is the screen that rules our lives.Taking contemporary phenomena (ranging from the wild popularity of TV talent shows to the impact of social media and smartphones on our lives) as a starting point and speculating on how these phenomena could/would evolve in the future. Each episode tells a different story with different protagonists and focuses on a different theme.

Source: Deadline

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