Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively match donations to help Ukrainians

CEDAR CITY, Utah – Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has left many people worried and slightly confused. However, this affected the lives of Ukrainians the most. They constantly fear being attacked, forcing many of them to leave their homes at any time. The world has taken a huge step forward to help those most affected by these effects. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have also made efforts to support Ukrainians. While Reynolds and Lively have decided to match donations, each person’s contribution means a world of difference for the people of Ukraine.

Personal crisis of Ukrainians

Ukraine has been in the headlines for a while now. The current climate has left much of the country in ruins, along with the people. The Russian attacks, which began on February 24, 2022, have forced many people from their homes. These victims find refuge wherever they can, fleeing to underground train stations and neighboring countries in hopes of finding safe refuge. The UN predicts that 12 million Ukrainians will need help to survive troubled times, and 4 million who have already fled Ukraine will need protection and help to rebuild their lives. Fortunately, many hands are mobilizing to help these victims caught in the crossfire.

efforts to help

Celebrity actors and humanitarians Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have pledged to match donations to the United States Association for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees up to $1 million, doubling efforts to assistance. Members of this organization were on the ground in Ukraine, trying to help those pushed into the unknown, but resources were running out. The actors pledged their generous sum on February 26, and 48 hours later, supporters of Reynolds and Lively raised $1 million, completing the challenge. Asked about his decision to donate, Reynolds replied, “I just can’t imagine what it’s like to be told you have to leave your house, let alone on 15 minutes’ notice… We just felt a enormous amount of empathy for displaced families in Ukraine.

Even though the offer to match donations from Reynolds and Lively has ended, UNHCR continues to receive donations and is doing all it can for those still struggling. Every donation helps provide “emergency supplies, lifesaving care and protection.”

Celebrities who give their name to a cause can make a huge difference in the lives of those they help. But everyone’s efforts to help also have an impact. Lively and Reynolds’ pledge to match donations doubled in impact solely because of the people who were willing to give what they had to reach $1 million. Every stone thrown into the water makes a ripple, no matter how small.

– Kelsey Jensen
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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