Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney buy pro football team in new FX docuseries ‘Welcome to Wrexham’

Ryan Reynolds and his good friend Rob McElhenney, of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fame, are two of the biggest names in entertainment.

But in their new FX hit series ‘Welcome to Wrexham’, we see the two stars as we’ve never seen them before – as owners of a professional football team.

“It’s both elation and, weirdly, I can feel an ulcer growing,” Reynolds said.

The pair have teamed up to buy Wrexham AFC, a fifth tier football team in the National League, the lowest tier of professional football in England.

“It’s really about the community and the people who love their club,” McElhenney said.

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Although they are front and center, the heart of their docuseries focuses on the small Welsh village that has passionately followed its team since its founding in 1864.

“Our show focuses as much on the fans of the club as it does on our experience of trying or trying to run this club with no prior experience,” Reynolds said.

And not only did they have no experience before going into business together and buying the club, but they weren’t even friends yet.

“Ryan and I have never met,” McElhenney said. “We knew each other through social media. He snuck into my DMs on Instagram, and we’ve been friends ever since.”

The rest is history, and now the two are hoping to make history.

McElhenney says his dream is for Wrexham AFC to rise through the ranks and win the Premier League championship one day. Until then, watching the drama of a football season unfold in a city where life revolves around the team is just as good as the thrill of victory.

“We decided to do a show about football but not really about sports,” McElhenney said. “These people you really support, and you fall in love with the club because you fall in love with the city.”

And if they start winning, the city will never be the same again.

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