Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson arrested

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson struggle with cops in a new image from the sequel to the action comedy The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard.

Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson get arrested in new image this summer Bodyguard of the Hitman’s Wife. Reynolds played a security expert protecting assassin Jackson in the original 2017 action comedy The bodyguard of the hitman. The film turned out to be a surprisingly big hit, grossing $ 176 million worldwide on a budget of between $ 30 million and $ 69 million.

Given this strong box office performance, it’s not at all surprising to see Reynolds and Jackson return for a somewhat delayed sequel. In Bodyguard of the Hitman’s Wife, Reynolds’ Michael Bryce and Jackson’s Darius Kincaid team up with an Interpol agent (Frank Grillo) to counter a cyberattack targeting Europe. The titular hitman’s wife is played by Salma Hayek (who Reynolds says doesn’t fire her punches when hitting people onscreen), while Antonio Banderas plays a gangster who stalks the film’s killer trio. The cast also includes Morgan Freeman, Richard E. Grant, Tom Hopper and Gabriella Wright. The director of the first film, Patrick Hughes, is back in the director’s chair for the sequel.

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In the last image posted by Bodyguard of the Hitman’s Wife, Reynolds and Jackson appear to have gotten into hot water – which shouldn’t be too surprising, as the two stars end up in the hot water and bicker as they try to get out of it, that’s pretty much what these movies are. See the image in the space below (via Fandango):

Ryan Reynolds and Sam Jackson arrested in image of Hitman's wife's bodyguard

Previous trailers for Bodyguard of the Hitman’s Wife teased the banter between Reynolds and Jackson (a red stripe trailer did indeed tease some signature F-bombs for Jackson), while also providing a glimpse of Banderas’ character and previewing the film’s cyberattack plot. Director Hughes also recently revealed that the film contains a wild speedboat chase. The new image reveals little except that Reynolds and Jackson get arrested at one point in the film and end up in an interrogation room handcuffed. It’s easy to imagine the kind of fun dialogue that must ensue when these two have been hooked up by the police and get grilled over their activities.

It remains to be seen whether Reynolds and Jackson’s reunification will thrill and entertain audiences the second time around. Of course, Bodyguard of the Hitman’s Wife adds new elements to the mix, including Hayek as the third part of the central trio and Banderas as the villain sure to be sinister. Hayek and Banderas are of course always welcome, and their presence alongside the major returning stars reassures us that Bodyguard of the Hitman’s Wife will provide more than enough entertainment for the audience who enjoyed the combination of action and comedy from the first film.

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Source: Fandango

  • The bodyguard of the hitman’s wife (2021)Release date: June 16, 2021

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