Ryan Reynolds and Triple H were they together in a movie?

Despite being one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, has Triple H ever starred in a movie with Ryan Reynolds?

The simple answer is yes. The Game and Reynolds starred together in the movie Blade: Trinity.

Released in 2004, Blade: Trinity is an American superhero action-horror film and the third and final installment in the beloved Blade film franchise. Despite popular movie stars such as Ryan Reynolds and Wesley Snipes as well as one of WWE’s most popular superstars, Triple H, the film had no box office impact and thus ended abruptly. franchise.

In Blade: Trinity, Triple H stars as a vampire named Jarko Grimwood. Grimwood is a massive, bulky vampire who has steel teeth and is an executioner for vampires.

The Cerebral Assassin described Grimwood’s role as a whole new experience.

“It wasn’t just the character, it was the whole experience, you know director David Goyer was great to work with, and the cast: Ryan Reynolds, Jessica Biel, Parker Posey, Wesley. Everyone was there. so much fun to be around … everyone was joking all the time and having fun. ” Triple H said. (H / T-cbr)

Ryan Reynolds, who is also a huge fan of The Game, insisted on making their big fight scene without stuntmen. Ryan Reynolds also opened up about what it’s like to be pounded by Triple H.

“I recommend him to everyone. It’s fantastic, very strong for one, very painful for the other. These guys don’t know subtlety in the physical sense. When he lifts you up and throws you down, he lifts you up and throws you. The floor was cement because I had to slide every time he threw me. We had established it at the start of another streak that we had shot, so there was no way to lay a rubber floor as much as we tried. We begged them. to. We put one down but it didn’t look right. I bounced off the floor. So, it was hell. We did. Shot it four or five days, this sequence. I continued. Two grown men struggling on the ground. ” . Ryan Reynolds said. (H / T- movieweb)

Will we ever see Ryan Reynolds and Triple H together in WWE?

While fans enjoyed watching Deadpool and The King of Kings together on the big screen, a meeting within the Square Circle could certainly be more memorable.

Ryan Reynolds never made an appearance in the WWE ring while Triple H’s last televised match in WWE was against another popular Hollywood star, Dave Bautista.

With the WrestleMania season not far away and the stadiums open at full capacity, I’m sure fans won’t fear an appearance from our beloved Deadpool.

What do you think of Triple H’s different roles in film and television? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Paul Heyman has hinted at Sportskeeda that someone might join Roman Reigns’ team. Click here to find out more.

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