Ryan Reynolds Calls Hugh Jackman Earth Day, and He Has Another Feud-Worthy Response

The (fake) feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is basically legend at this point. The two x-men the alums have been going there for years, with each star throwing zingers at the other on some given occasion. Earth Day sparked their latest exchange, as Reynolds called out his frenemy in a social media post. And the always witty Jackman humorously clapped back with a great response.

Ryan Reynolds posted a video to his Instagram Story on Earth Day, April 22, in which he challenged his followers and fellow celebrities Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa (who were tagged in the post ) to replace a habit in their life with an environmentally friendly method. the dead Pool star is committed to eliminating all plastic and single-use water bottles. With the latter, he promised to use a reusable metal bottle.

Well, the Wolverine icon caught wind of his colleague’s comments and posted his response to his own. instagram. The interpreter, who was light up the stage with Broadway’s The music man, humbly accepted the challenge. And it looks like he’s found a way to outdo his enemy in the quest for environmental sustainability:

Hey Ryan, OK you called me, okay mate, Earth Day, here’s my pledge, I’m going to walk to work. I’m honestly not going to walk all the way, it’s a bit too far so I just got out of my car and will walk the rest of the way. And I will do this every day. And I have another idea, is it possible to retrain people. I say it like that.

You must love a pair of celebrities who are ready to do their part to improve the planet. Of course, you also have to appreciate that they can pack a bit of light trolling like they do. Check out Hugh Jackman’s Instagram post, complete with a fun screenshot from Ryan Reynolds‘ video:

This isn’t the first time Marvel stars have used their feud for good causes. They have temporarily stopped to support the All In Challenge and in doing so raised funds for several charities. In 2020, they also teamed up with Sam’s Club for a sort of one-on-one campaign that asked fans to donate to foundations run by the two stars, one of which is always crowned the winner. That same year, the Proposal even alum redirected an advertisement aimed at its rival for the benefit of bartenders who found themselves out of work during the early days of the COVID lockdown.

Although Hugh Jackman currently finds himself engaged in another quarrel with hamilton star nik walker (which recently took another hilarious turn), I expect his rivalry with Reynolds to remain his top priority. And if that means he’ll try to increase the red notice alum on positive topics like Earth Day, so I totally agree.

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