Ryan Reynolds jokingly credits Internet Explorer for his career

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds mourns the end of Internet Explorer as he jokingly reminisces about the early days of his career when the web browser debuted.

Ryan Reynolds mourns the end of Internet Explorer by reminiscing about the beginnings of his career when the web browser made its debut. Developed by Microsoft, Internet Explorer was launched in 1995 as one of the first web browsers. The program was included in Microsoft’s line of Windows operating systems, making Internet Explorer one of the leading names at the dawn of home Internet use. However, since its debut, Microsoft has been developing a new browser, Microsoft Edge, which led to the company dropping support for Internet Explorer on June 15.

Reynolds has seen his star rise over the past decade-plus with several high-profile films. Audiences will likely recognize him from the comic book-based megahits dead Pool and Deadpool 2. More recently, Reynolds has caused a stir on Netflix with films like red notice and The Adam Project. However, the actor’s fans have also come to know him for his comedic social media posts, often associated with companies he has a stake in or films he promotes. And in Reynolds fashion, the end of Internet Explorer provoked a comic response.


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Reynolds taken to Twitter to mourn the loss of Internet Explorer. He mentions a first role in a short-lived television series, Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years, which premiered its first and only season a few weeks after the launch of Internet Explorer. Reynolds remarks on the crazy years that have passed since, saying he couldn’t imagine it without the web browser before poking fun at the show. Check out Reynolds’ tweet below:

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Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Yearsa western television series, followed the 1994 lone dove series, none of which have had much of an impact on pop culture and, as Reynolds himself has stated, “The show didn’t deserve another season.” While the actor wants Internet Explorer back, many users may disagree as the web browser often crashes, freezes, and even has display issues. So even if Reynolds is mourning the end of an era, it’s probably for the best.

Reynolds has carved out a stellar career from his humble beginnings on shows like Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years. Recent hits like free guy saw his unique brand of humor and comedic delivery continue to click with audiences, and the future looks bright as well. The actor has already promised an R-rated Dead Pool 3 arrives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although details about this project are still scarce, it also has several other movies announced, like dragon’s lair and Index. So, although Internet Explorer does not have additional support, ReynoldsThe career seems to have many viewers who are always anticipating what the actor will do next.

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