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Since the Mnet performance, Ryan Reynolds and Stray Kids frontman Bang Chan have maintained a close friendship, even sending each other special gifts and congratulating each other via video interviews. This was closely followed by fans of the K-pop boy group.

Plus, Ryan Reynolds even liked a tweet from fans hoping Stray Kids would do an OST for a “Deadpool” movie. This once again gave fans of the K-pop boy group an appreciation for the Hollywood star.

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But just recently, Ryan Reynolds once again proved his STAY status by promoting Stray Kids’ latest comeback, “ODDINARY,” which is the K-pop group’s sixth Korean-language extended play.

Notably, Ryan Reynolds has temporarily halted the promotion of his new movie, “The Adam Project,” for Netflix to promote JYP Entertainment’s K-pop boy group. The Hollywood star posted “#ODDINARY” on his Instagram Stories after the Stray Kids’ album “ODDINARY” was released.

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The STAY were once again delighted because it was not a simple promotion since Ryan Reynolds has more than 42 million followers on Instagram!

Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding Stray Kids and other K-pop artists.

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