Ryan Reynolds reacts to casting of HBO Max’s Green Lantern


A decade after the Emerald Knights’ last live-action appearance, a new take The Green Lantern is on the way. HBO Max is working on a TV series focused on various members of the Corps, and last week the cast began as american horror story Star Finn Wittrock has been hired to play Guy Gardner.

Given that he’s been sort of the franchisee’s keeper thus far, it’s fitting that Hal Jordan himself, Ryan Reynolds, reacted to the news and responded to the cast of Wittrock with his typical cheeky sense of humor. Reynolds shared a screenshot of the ad on his Instagram Story over the weekend, adding the caption: “It’s like I planned it.” Presumably, it’s the Canadian star who lets us know that he approves of the actor’s role as Gardner in the upcoming show.

Of course, this is only a case of Reynolds giving the The Green Lantern series its blessing and should not be taken as a clue that it is there. Along with Gardner of Wittrock, the other flagship lanterns will be Golden Age GL Alan Scott and half-alien Bree Jarta, an original creation for television. Other familiar faces from the comics will also feature.

Hal Jordan will not appear initially, but it has been reported that he will eventually show up, with a new actor succeeding Reynolds. Fans are hoping to see John Stewart, too, although it looks like Warner Bros. is saving him for their long gestation. Green Lantern Body movie. Remember they wouldn’t even let Zack Snyder stick it Justice League.

The Green Lantern should be a hugely ambitious series, with the intention of making it look like a big budget movie. Hopefully it will be better than the last blockbusters made on these characters. Either way, now that Finn Wittrock is on lockdown, expect more casting announcements to materialize in due course.


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