Ryan Reynolds recreates “Just Friends” scene on TikTok

“I swear you will be disappointed with this account.”

The actor created an account on the social media platform earlier today and shared the ultimate comeback video as his first post.

Reynolds took a page from his Just friends Chris Brander’s character and synchronized the lyrics to R&B group All-4-One’s “I Swear”.


I swear you will be disappointed with this account.

♬ I swear – All-4-One

“I swear you’ll be disappointed with this account,” Reynolds wrote jokingly captioned the post.

But while it’s good that he’s on TikTok, it’s clear he didn’t join the social media platform just for the fun of it.

Reynolds is trying to bring this team back to the English Football League. He’s already made several videos on Wrexham AFC Wales, and it looks like he’s going to do a lot more.


There will be no duets, @rmcelhenney

original sound – Ryan Reynolds

Hopefully somewhere in between his posts on TikTok he will make another funny video from one of his movies.

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