Ryan Reynolds rents John Krasinski’s sequel

Ryan Reynolds gushed out of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II and left a witty review of the post-apocalyptic thriller on Twitter.

Ryan Reynolds joins long list of people who have seen and raved about John Krasinski A Quiet Place, Part II. The 44 year old the actor is known to have starred in big blockbuster films such as dead Pool and Detective Pikachu. While not involved in the making of the post-apocalyptic horror film, Reynolds is friends with Krasinski. At one point, the two Hollywood A-listers reportedly even teamed up to create a comedy film together.

A Quiet Place, Part II follows the story of the Abbott family as they attempt to survive and outsmart the blind, sound-sensitive aliens who have invaded the planet. After losing their father (Krasinski) and their home in the first film, the remaining family members must venture out in search of other human survivors and a safer place. Written and directed by Krasinski, the film stars his wife Emily Blunt. The highly anticipated sequel was supposed to hit theaters last year but has been severely delayed due to the pandemic. It was finally released on Friday May 28.

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Reynolds is one of the early risers who saw A Quiet Place, Part II the day of its big release. After watching the thriller, the actor took to Twitter to praise Krasinski’s work. Known for his hilarious social media jokes, Reynolds gave his honest review playing with the film’s title. According to him, the sequel is so good that he cannot be “silent” about it. Krasinski returned the joke by responding with an image of Deadpool making the “shush” sign. Discover their playful exchange below:

Obviously, Reynolds is a fan of the Krasinki horror saga. The two actors also enjoyed a good-humored joke on Twitter three years ago, when the first A quiet place the film was released. This time, he called Krasinski and Blunt his “new parents” and revealed that he had seen the film twice in a week. Krasinski acknowledged his tweet and responded jokingly.

Reynolds isn’t the first celebrity to sing praises A Quiet Place, Part II, and he certainly won’t be the last. In the short time it was released, the film has already garnered positive reviews from moviegoers and critics alike. His success is a big victory not only for Krasinski, but also for the entertainment industry affected by a pandemic.

Amid the lockdown restrictions, film companies were forced to release movies through streaming platforms. A Quiet Place, Part II is one of the first films to enjoy a theater race, as cinemas start to fill seats again. Over the past few weeks, Krasinski has actively promoted A Quiet Place, Part II using the hashtag “TheatersAreBack” on social media. Thanks to a good horror movie and with a little help from his famous friends, it looks like the industry is on the right track.

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