Ryan Reynolds’ transporter presents 25-year data plan for optimistic baby boomers

Offer hunters should take note today. Mint Mobile operates a very, very short term promotional offer which expires tonight. For a little crazy $ 8.33 per month (billed $ 100 per year), you can get a 4GB / month plan through the MVNO with unlimited calling and texting, but there’s a catch. You will have to sign a 25-year “contract” to get it, for a total of $ 2,500, paid annually.

It’s half joke and half gimmick, but it’s a very real deal that you can actually shell out some money for. Mint Mobile calls it the Bobby Bonilla plan. I am told that it is a sport thing and today it is Bobby bonilla Day.

The terms of the plan are a bit nebulous, and it’s unclear what will happen if you choose to cancel the “contract”. As far as I can tell, the the same general conditions apply about cancellations in that you can kind of leave whenever you want, except you pay a year rather than a month, but I’m not a lawyer. Mint Mobile may also choose to buy you out of the business with one month’s notice, but it’s unarguably good value at just over half the regular price of $ 15 per month.

In addition to the expected and required unlimited calls and texts, you get 4 GB of data per month, as well as free calls to Mexico and Canada and free use of the hotspot. The data is technically “unlimited”, but your speeds are reduced after you hit that 4GB cap. However, you do get 5G connectivity. If Mint’s cheapest plan ever beats 4GB of data per month, the Bobby Bonilla plan will also be increased to whatever that plan gets.

Recent research (h / t Sascha Segan) states that T-Mobile-based MVNOs like Mint Mobile are also better off than AT&T-based ones, which appear to be capped at a maximum of 75MB. So unless you choose a carrier plan directly or an MVNO not throttled like Google Fi, you can’t do much better in terms of speed. And, as with most carriers, you can port your number directly to Mint if you sign up. You will need to either bring your own unlocked phone with frequency support from Mint (for example, T-Mobile), or you can buy one from Mint.

The deal expires at 11:59 p.m. PT tonight on July 1, so you’ll need to act very quickly to take advantage of the deal.

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