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Ryan Reynolds wanted audiences to enjoy the “community experience” of cinema by watching “Free Guy”.

The 44-year-old actor is starring in the new sci-fi action comedy film, which is finally set to release next month after being repeatedly delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Ryan is hoping that the masses will enjoy the film.

In an interview with Total Film magazine, he said: “I know how different a movie is when you watch it on the big screen with 100 other people, or 200, or 300, or 400 or 500 other people. looks like nothing else.

“This community experience is so important to people. And I know that I have come out of this crazy 2020 and definitely part of 2021 – I myself want this community experience again.”

The ‘Deadpool’ star agrees it was a ‘bet’ to continue delaying the film – which also stars Jodie Comer and Taika Waititi – but noted how the entire industry has been affected by the crisis global health.

Ryan said, “Was it a gamble to wait? Yeah. But every movie, big or small, changed in one way or another. Yeah, sure, I did care.

“But also, at some point you think to yourself, ‘I just want people to see the movie. “The film is good.

“I want people to experience it, because it’s been a crazy half a decade. Let’s have fun. Let’s have fun!”

Ryan believes that Shawn Levy’s new film, which tells the story of a man who discovers he is a non-playable character in a video game, contains elements from some of his favorite childhood films such as “Return towards the future “.

He said: “I felt like the movie was just a ball of joy. I wanted to feel something like I did when I watched ‘Back To The Future’ when I was child I was weaned from.

“I felt like it touched on something optimistic. It was funny and fun, and it didn’t leave me feeling cynical in any way.”

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