Scarlett Johansson reportedly died as villain of Indiana Jones 5

When Black Widow finally arriving in July and getting closer to Scarlett Johansson’s tenure as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there will be a big gap in her schedule for the foreseeable future. After all, since his debut at Jon Favreau Iron man 2, the actress went on to make eight more appearances in the franchise, but the series can’t always count on the same faces.

It’s not like she would fight for the job given her power and star reputation, especially after landing her first pair of Oscar nominations that same year for her lead performance on Netflix. Marriage story and a supporting concert in Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit. But the only project on her schedule after Black Widow currently is a voice role in the animated sequel Sing 2. However, a new report claims Johansson could have had one more effort on her slate as she turned down the chance to play a villain in Indiana Jones 5.

Apparently, The residentShaunette Renée Wilson will be the CIA manager of Mads Mikkelsen’s villain, a former Nazi scientist recruited by NASA to give the United States an edge in the space race, while Scarlett was nominated for the role of a ‘ evil and brutal killer ” who works for the Hannibal the infamous villain of the star.

Outside of the MCU, the actress isn’t really known for appearing in big blockbuster sequels, and has even dropped out. Mission: Impossible III fifteen years ago, and as of yet, it’s unclear who might end up inheriting the role. No official plot details have been revealed by Lucasfilm or director James Mangold, so it’s best to treat everyone. Indiana Jones 5 hearsay as entirely speculative for now until the cameras start rolling this summer.

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