Scarlett Johansson RETURNS TO MCU LEAKED, here’s how

Is it true? Will we see Scarlett Johansson again on MCU? Is she considering making a comeback? We would all love to see Black Widow back in the MCU franchise. But will we ever see her again? Well, I know there are a lot of questions going through your mind right now. But good there! Don’t stress, we’re here to help! Stay tuned with us, to know all about it, right here.

Scarlett Johansson back in the MCU! Is that even true?

Well, we all know Scarlett Johansson best for her MCU character, Black Widow! She had been a part of the MCU franchise for over a decade now. But as the franchise’s reputation continues to grow, we’ve seen so many old characters leave the franchise, first Iron Man, then Captain America, and now it’s Black Widow.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done its best to bring new characters in place of those old ones. But there’s no denying that their place in our lives really can’t be filled by a wonderful new superhero out there! That being said, fans are still hoping to see old characters from the MCU franchise again.

According to our inside sources, we’ve heard that Scarlett Johansson might be making a surprise visit to one of the MCU shows or movies there. This is a highly confidential project. So we have very little information about it. But we’ve heard she might make a comeback, just not as Black Widow. She is considering a new role, but what the role is is still a huge mystery to the fans out there!

Scarlett Johansson is working on a big MCU project! Learn all about it right here!

Scarlett Johansson may have moved on from the role of Black Widow, but it looks like she’s still a part of the MCU family. You may be wondering how? Don’t scratch your head, because we’re here to help with that.

Yes, you heard that right Scarlett Johansson continues to be part of the MCU franchise. She is currently working on a secret MCU project. But this time, you might not see her in the movie! She will not play in the project but she is all ready and delighted to launch it! Yes, Scarlett Johansson is busy producing a highly classified MCU project. Details of the project have yet to be revealed by the MCU’s board. But it is expected to be released very soon.

Kevin Feige recently confirmed this news. He is thrilled to produce the project alongside Scarlett Johansson. Black Widow has been part of the MCU family for over 10 years now. Yes, she might not star in the project, but she’s happy to be a continued member of the MCU family. We’ll let you know more about it, as soon as we hear something new about it! Until then, for more on the latest movies and shows, stay connected with us, right here.

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