Scarlett Johansson reveals why she and Colin Jost kept their pregnancy a secret

Scarlett Johansson knows what it’s like to be an actress in the public eye, but being a mother in the public eye is no different.

The mother-of-two explained how women’s bodies are examined, especially during pregnancy. In an interview with vanity loungethe Marriage story The actor revealed that she felt protective of her pregnancies with daughter Rose, 7, and newborn son, Cosmo.

“I wanted to be able to have my own feelings about my changing body without other people also telling me how they saw me, whether positive or negative,” Johansson said.

“I realized when I was pregnant with my son, it’s funny how much people put on you when you’re pregnant – their hopes or their judgment or their desire, a lot is put on pregnant women” , she continued.

Johansson explained that she even received criticism about her pregnant body from her close friends: “You expect it from men, but from women, it’s like, ‘Come on girl, you’ve been through the.'”

The Outset founder said there’s still a long way to go when it comes to how we treat pregnant women. “I feel like a lot of things have come forward in the last five years in terms of empowering women, but this thing is kind of still in the dark ages,” she said. “So much judgment, it’s crazy.”

The 37-year-old actress also opened up about her biggest challenges throughout her career, such as filming her first Marvel movie, iron man 2. the Black Widow The star was in her early 20s when she was cast and admitted she had ‘never set foot in a gym’.

Johansson welcomed his son Cosmo with Saturday Night Live actor Colin Jost in August. the SNL The writer announced the birth of their son on August 18, writing in an Instagram post: “Okay ok we had a baby. His name is Cosmo. We love him very much”, before adding that “the confidentiality would be greatly appreciated”.

The couple tied the knot in October 2020 after three years of dating. Johansson also shares daughter Rose with ex-husband Romain Dauriac.

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