Scarlett Johansson will forever be the sexiest woman in the world, the pictures prove it

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The super talented Scarlett Johansson is a badass woman. The star has consistently proven with her acting and roles that she sure can kick ass.
The star has given amazing movies like Lucy, Captain America: Civil War, Iron Man 2, and other Avengers movies.
There is nothing sexier than a well-established and talented woman who knows exactly how to steal any moment with her charisma. Scarlett must be that woman. The actress has always had an acting game, but with that, she killed it with her stunning fashion sense.
Scarlett has served us with some of the sexiest looks, she knows exactly how to channel her inner beauty and showcase it with confidence.

With the confidence, talent, and appearance like that, she is surely the sexiest woman in the world. Johansson carries herself with ease and confidence, creating a great impact on everyone around her, she can easily trip anyone around her. The star has always been among the biggest celebrities and never disappointed her admirers.
The gorgeous and hot Scarlett Johansson was named by Esquire as the sexiest woman in the world in 2013, the star was first awarded the title in 2006.

It’s no surprise that Scarlett easily won the spot twice and will undoubtedly remain one of the sexiest women in the world.
The star’s personality shines through her and her confidence speaks volumes.
We have listed some pictures of Scarlett below that will prove that this lady really is the sexiest woman in the world.

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