Scarlett Johansson’s new skincare brand, Robert Downey Jr. Shills

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Robert Downey Jr. has fun once again with Scarlett Johansson.

In a video he posted to his Twitter account Thursday night, Downey Jr. embraces the dramatic and shows the transformation Johansson’s new The Outset skincare products can bring.

At the start of the video, Downey’s Jr.’s face is hidden behind a newspaper that just happens to feature an advertisement for the company, spanning two full pages. As Johansson’s voice begins with his brand new pitch, he quickly brushes off the log with the sound of his voice beginning the soothing, soft tone, saying, “Beginning is the ease of simplicity.”

Downey Jr. begins to unpack a bag full of company items, and once empty, he takes the bag and puts it over his head, looking like long hair being put in a towel.

“We believe skin is better when you start with the basics, embrace the elemental, and find freedom in simplicity,” Johansson’s voice continues as Downey Jr. begins applying one of the products under his eyes.

With Johansson’s final lines giving his catchphrase, dramatically saying “The beginning is where you start again” with a full climax and music to match, Downey Jr.’s camera cut to a side profile of the actor, in which he takes a transformative look deep in thought transforming into a smirk at the end of the video.

Looks like he’s happy to help expand this part of his career, as Downey Jr. has posted on The Outset more than just their official Twitter handle – as of Friday @theoutsetskin has no Tweet about Downey Jr.

The two, of course, have been friends for a while now, as they both starred in The Avengers movies and their own standalone movies like Iron Man and Black Widow, respectively.

Showing the lighter side between the two, at the end of last year Downey Jr. gave a hilarious video tribute to Johansson at 35and Annual Cinematheque awards, full of profanity and false congratulations that revealed sincerity.

More seriously, earlier this week, Downey Jr. and Johansson signed a petition asking the Royal Bank of Canada to stop funding the Coastal GasLink, which is a gas pipeline located in British Columbia, Canada.

Fellow MCU collaborators Mark Ruffalo and Taika Waititi, among many others, also signed the petition.

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