Six DC & Marvel Anti-Heroes Who Can Beat Villains To A Dough

If you are a DC or Marvel fan, you can bet that superheroes like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man will put their lives on the line to save the lives of innocent people and bring peace to the world. .

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However, while they would love nothing better than to bring the sinister butt of the Supervillain back to their very layers, there is a fine line that they choose to never cross, no matter how bad things are.

You see, the greatest superheroes on the planet live by a strict moral code, in which they don’t kill.

DC Marvel Anti-Heroes That Will Scare The Villains Out
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Despite possessing powers like superhuman strength, heat vision, and energy blasts, superheroes refuse to take the easy way out of decimating criminal brains like Joker, Lex Luther, etc. as they believe. really that the system, while being broken, is not irreparable. .

However, there are still a few superhumans, who while wanting the same things as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, don’t believe in giving in to the bulls of the moral code ***.

Popularly known as the anti-heroes, these characters are known for their simple yet effective policy of hitting first and asking questions later.

DC Marvel Anti-Heroes That Will Scare The Villains Out
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Now, even though they might not be here to outright kill evil people, they won’t hesitate to walk away if given the reason.

Kill or No-Kill, one thing is for sure. If they spot any supervillains wandering around, making plans for mass destruction, they’ll reduce them to a pulp.

Well, without further ado, here is a list of the 6 best antiheroes that will make supervillains fit in a body bag.



Being an integral part of the Batman family, Red Hood AKA Jason Todd is known to be a character criminals are afraid to meet.

Todd was Batman’s second Robin before being killed by Joker, only to be resurrected later by the League of Assassins.

During this time, he gained all the experience and combat skills to become the Protector of Gotham in a quite different way than other members of the Bat-Family which included Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl.

Redhood shattered the idea of ​​having a moral compass and didn’t back down from being the ruthless vigilante Gotham needed.


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Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman is one of DC’s most famous antihero women who doesn’t care about the law. A master thief by trade, Kyle spends an enormous amount of time using his fists to defeat the corrupt in Gotham.

Known for being a person who stands up for the weak, Catwoman holds nothing back in terms of fighting crime on the dark city streets.

While she lacks superhuman powers, her athletic build, combat skills, and cat-like reflexes help her take down the greatest of criminals, making her a formidable anti-hero in the DC Universe. .


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One of Marvel’s dark and sinister characters, Ghost Rider is an anti-hero who chooses to protect people and fights evil on his own terms, that is, with extreme prejudice.

As superheroes instill fear among criminals and super-villains, imagine a superhuman with his skull on fire, riding an even spookier motorcycle while donning a leather jacket and chains, coming to pick you up in a empty street in the middle of the night.

Yes, that’s exactly what Johnny Blaze AKA Ghost Rider brings to the world of superheroes.

Known to be the devil’s bounty hunter, the Ghost Rider is tasked with finding the evil souls on earth and bringing them down to hell. It is a scary thought for people who are not good.


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Eddie Brock AKA Venom may have started out as one of Spider-Man’s most famous foes in the Marvel Universe.

However, over time, Venom began to shift from being a villain to being an anti-hero, with comics and TV shows even showing incidences of himself teaming up with Spider-Man to fight one more. great evil.

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Regardless of how Venom turns a new leaf, he chooses to live by some of the old rules, which is to have a pragmatic attitude that even pushes him to eat people who end up becoming a problem for him.

This, along with Venom’s status as a deadly protector of the Marvel Universe, solidifies his position as one of the scariest antiheroes in the superhero universe.


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We all know Deadpool, thanks to the two Ryan Reynolds films, as a superhero character who would likely carry criminals and villains with his puns, before killing them with his Katanas.

Known as “Merc with the Mouth”, Deadpool is an anti-hero like no other in DC as well as in the Marvel Universe.

However, underneath all of that humor, there is a man with a plan, a man who will cross every known boundary in the world, to do the right thing.

Now, if that means chopping the bad guys into pieces or gulping someone’s eyes, they will and then have chimichangas right after.


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Frank Castle reprized the role of Punisher after his wife and two children died at the hands of mobs in New York City.

Although Castle belongs to the class of anti-heroes who lack superhuman powers, that doesn’t mean he can’t deal damage.

Being a war veteran and a United States Marine Corps scout / sniper in Force Recon, Castle has all the tools needed to wage war against criminals.

He has hand-to-hand, guerrilla, and marksmanship skills, and also has access to a plethora of weapons to use against a variety of enemies.

Sporting the famous skull motif on his chest, The Punisher is a criminal’s worst nightmare and it is known that once he has targeted you, it is nearly impossible for him to be stopped, even by super- hero.

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