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[This story contains spoilers for South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID.]

Some South Park fans struggle to know where a central character ended up at the end of the recent made-for-tv movie South Park: Post COVID: The return of COVID.

Premiering on Paramount + on Thursday, the second half of an hour of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s debut film made exclusively for the ViacomCBS-owned streaming service left viewers with a more optimistic feeling about the future in general. The first half, South Park: Post COVID, which fell on Thanksgiving, painted a grim picture of an endless pandemic.

But, in the end, everything seemed to work out for everyone in South Park: Post COVID: The return of COVID – with the exception of one character: Cartman. And under normal circumstances, Cartman would have a horrific future as a lonely, angry, drunk homeless man who would be satisfying. He’s a horrible kid – just ask Scott Tenorman.

But Parker and Stone did a fantastic job making audiences care about Cartman in the first half of the film.. In the initial depressing future, Cartman has become a rabbi with a loving wife and three children – much to Kyle’s chagrin, as he thinks it’s a ruse to upset him. Audiences are also waiting for Cartman to break up the character and say it was a long scam purely to annoy Kyle. But in South Park: Post COVID: The Return of COVID, viewers learn that Cartman truly loves his family and has rightfully become a man of faith.

Therefore, Cartman tries to keep Stan and Kyle from going back in time, as he believes that if the guys are successful in changing the future to improve the pandemic situation, there is a chance that his current and fulfilling life will not be successful. ‘never exists. But his wife convinces him to help his old buddies, saying they will end up in the new reality because they love each other so much. He agree.

Spoiler: They don’t. And South Park: Post COVID: The return of COVID ends with Kyle and Stan feeling a bit bad for homeless Cartman – but not as bad as some fans, who found the moment quite disgusting and shared their surprising bewilderment via social media. The lion’s share of those posts basically said the same thing: “Can’t believe I feel so bad for Cartman.”

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