The 10 Best R-Rated Superhero Movies, According To Letterboxd

As studios begin to realize that an R rating doesn’t mean box office failure, they’re becoming more mainstream, and the quality of the genre is also increasing. An R rating means more outrageous fight scenes, more colorful dialogue, and a whole lot more risk.

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While not every movie has to be rated R, most of the superhero movies that received the rating were extremely entertaining, and they are among the highest-rated superhero movies on Letterboxd. Between self-aware antiheroes and bloodshed-loving vampire hunters, few movies are as over the top and fun as these.

ten Birds of Prey (2019) – 3.2

Harley Quinn wears sunglasses and looks into the camera in Birds of Prey

Interestingly, however Birds of prey is one of the most critically acclaimed films in the DC Extended Universe, it isn’t as beloved by fans or the general public. But the movie at least tries something new, and it’s way more colorful and quirky than the run-of-the-mill superhero movies that are part of the DCEU. However, unfortunately, the film doesn’t really make the best use of its R rating.

The language isn’t overdone and the violence isn’t as brutal or thrilling as other R-rated films. The worst is when Black Mask tortures his victims, but even then it cuts and plays like a cute cartoon. With a few small tweaks, the movie could have easily gotten a PG-13, which might have helped its box office gross, like Birds of prey only earned $200 million worldwide.

9 Black Man (1990) – 3.3

Liam Neeson as Darkman (1990)

Moviegoers point to the original Spider Man trilogy explaining why Sam Raimi is the ideal director for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Corn dark man might be the best sign that he’s the best filmmaker for the job. According to Geek’s Lairthe 1990 film was the result of Raimi not being offered to direct Batmanso he developed his own dark persona instead.

dark man follows a scientist who was left for dead but exacts revenge on those who left him for dead. The film takes a lot of risks, and for the most part, they pay off. And yet Blade gets credit for being an R-rated superhero movie, dark man did it eight years ago.


8 Blade (1998) – 3.4

Blade standing alone in an empty room in Blade (1998).

Corn dark man was the first R-rated superhero film ever released, Blade was the first R-rated superhero film to leverage its MPAA rating. A film about a vampire hunter can only be ultra-violent and bloody, and the film delivers more than any fan could have hoped for.

Although the series has gotten worse with each consecutive release, the original movie was so exciting, and it wouldn’t have been the same without the gallons of hands-on fake blood. Unfortunately, while the reboot, which will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will no doubt be entertaining, it will be rated PG-13. So audiences shouldn’t expect the bloodshed found in the 1998 film.

7 Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021) – 3.5

Batman looks serious as the sun sets in Zack Snyder's Justice League.

Movies don’t necessarily need an R rating, and a higher rating won’t automatically make a movie better. movies like Shrek and toy story aren’t exactly shoddy due to their lack of blood and foul language. However, Justice League is a perfect example of an R-rated version of a film far superior to the PG-13 version.

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The 2017 theatrical release Justice League was badly injured and Zack Snyder’s original vision was totally butchered by studio interference. But the 2021 version is radically different and, thanks in part to its R rating, is much better than the original. In comparison, the 2017 version has a miserable 2.1 on the film’s social media platform.

6 Kick (2010) – 3.5

Big Daddy standing behind Hit-Girl in Kick Ass.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn Kick ass was a phenomenal success when it first came out 12 years ago, and while the sequel didn’t hit the same, the first movie is so fresh and unlike anything that came before it. The film changed the cinematic landscape, as films like dead Pool owes its success to the 2010 film for first testing the waters when it comes to crude humor in superhero movies.

The film and its R rating are so intertwined that the Kick ass the comic could not have been faithfully adapted if the studio was aiming for a PG-13. What’s more interesting is that the 11-year-old Hit-Girl who says the C-word is why Vaughn was drawn to Kick ass in the first place.

5 Deadpool 2 (2018) – 3.5

Deadpool is horrified when his X-Force is killed on his first mission

A lot of Dead Pool the charm was how he managed to achieve what he did with such a minimal production cost. Corn Deadpool 2 lost some of the appeal of the original to be much more of a superhero movie with a much bigger budget. Instead of most of the film taking place on a bridge, Deadpool 2 is a sprawling time-spanning epic, but being placed on a bridge for 60 minutes is what made the first film so entertaining.

However, while not as great as the first film, Deadpool 2 is still a fun rollercoaster filled with cleverly used F-bombs and entertaining gratuitous violence. It’s always such an exciting popcorn movie, which expands the world of dead Pooland he became the most successful x-men movie ever.

4 Guardians (2009) – 3.6

A bloody pimple with a smiley face in the air in Watchmen.

There is a very small minority of Redditors who think watchmen is terrible, but director Zack Snyder did such a good job of adapting a comic that a lot of people thought he was unsuitable until they saw it. Although the film could have been much shorter if it weren’t for so much slow-motion footage, the film tells a cohesive story, has some of the most impressive CGI, and has such epic scope.

Between the 2009 film and Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the director has proven himself to be one of the most ambitious filmmakers of the 21st century. And if there’s no cap on the length of the movie and it’s allowed an R rating, it’ll deliver a movie that’s exactly what fans want.

3 The Suicide Squad (2021) – 3.7

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad

Between a giant starfish, a quirky weasel and a cute shark, The Suicide Squad could easily be mistaken for a very kid-friendly DC movie. Instead, it couldn’t be more opposite. The film is full of the most vulgar slurs and is a complete gorefest, which is exactly why it’s one of the most beloved DC Extended Universe films to date.

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King Shark rips people in half like they’re A4 pieces of paper, Starro’s tentacles flatten people so hard they splatter, and Peacemaker’s insults are disgustingly creative. The spirit of the film lives on with the exclusive HBO Max series, Peacemakerwhich is full of the same vulgar humor and over-the-top gross gore.

2 Deadpool (2016) – 3.7

Angel Dust's superhero lands in Deadpool

There hadn’t been an R-rated film as successful as dead Pool at the time. Not only is it one of the highest-grossing films of all time, but its bottom line was enticing, as it had a relatively small budget for a $58 million superhero movie.

The success came as a shock to everyone, even the producers, as it took the film years to get the green light and was stuck in development hell for what felt like a lifetime. But audiences couldn’t resist the self-aware comedy and a series that wasn’t afraid to poke fun at itself or other franchises for that matter. It was also the perfect vehicle for Ryan Reynolds and his improvised one-liners, making it one of the best superhero movies not in the DCEU or MCU.

1 Logan (2017) – 4.1


x-men doesn’t have the exact same kind of fanbase as the MCU or even the DCEU, and neither movie has even come close to $1 billion. However, they took the most risk with their properties and for the most part paid off both commercially and critically.

With the dead Pool movies, Logan is adored by those who have seen it and is all fans have ever wanted since Hugh Jackman graced movie screens as Wolverine in the 2000s x-men. The film makes great use of its R rating, as it’s full of profanity shouted by Professor X and, best of all, Logan rips off his enemies’ limbs and stabs them in the skull with his adamantium claws.

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