The 10 Weirdest Versions Of Dracula In The Comics

Count Dracula is one of the most iconic villains, vampires and characters in fiction. So it’s only natural that he would eventually show up in the comics. However, some versions of the character don’t always match the famous count.

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Takes on the character can be more comical or heroic than the original. There are even more than a few that are animals. Technically, some versions of the character aren’t even vampires. In fact, for some versions, it is not known what they are supposed to be. It also helps that Dracula and the characters inspired by him have been proliferating in film and TV for decades. The incarnations of these characters also appear in the comics.

ten Count Duckula: He’s a vegetarian vampire duck who talks like Bugs Bunny

Once upon a time, Count Duckula was just as evil and bloodthirsty as a typical vampire. In fact, adding to his horror, while he can be killed, his minions can revive him with a dark magic ritual. But this is where things get weird: the last time they brought him back, they replaced the blood with ketchup. The resurrected Earl is a friendly vegetarian who talks like Bugs Bunny and is obsessed with becoming a celebrity.

It is implied that suppressing his bloodlust also spared him some typical vampire weaknesses, as he does well in the sun. A more sinister, possibly pre-ritual, Duck was born as a villain in Danger Mouse and later appeared in Marvel Comics.

9 Disney: The Phantom Blot went vegetarian, but still evil, Dracula

Italian Disney Comics once published a story by Bram Stoker Dracula, featuring Mickey Mouse as Jonathan Harker, Minnie Mouse as Mina, and an undisguised Phantom Blot as the titular vampire. While the story begins surprisingly relatively faithfully to Stoker’s novel for this first half, the big problem is that this Dracula doesn’t feed on blood and prefers beet juice.

Unlike most portrayals of vegetarian vampires, that doesn’t make him a good or harmless guy: he turns his victims into vegetables. This fate befalls Clarabelle, Lucy’s replacement, although the transformation is reversible. In fact, even Dracula himself survives the story, simply trapped in the form of an ostrich. This doesn’t mean that everyone has a happy ending: it implies that Minnie did something unspeakable to Dracula’s three minions.

8 Dell Comics: This Dracula is a superhero descendant of the original

Dell Comics developed a line of superheroes based on the Universal Monsters characters: Frankenstein, Werewolfand Dracula. This Dracula is a descendant of the original Earl who works as a medical researcher.

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He accidentally gives himself vampiric powers from bat blood, including the ability to transform into a bat. After peasants burn down his castle, he leaves for America and takes the alias “Al U. Card” and fights evil. His love interest BB Beebe later becomes his sidekick “Fleeta”, derived from “fledermaus” or “bat” in German.

seven Fables: The Earl took the blame for the Big Bad Wolf

According to Fables continuity, where fairy tales and fables are real, Dracula wasn’t actually a vampire. Known as “The Earl”, he was a Carpathian nobleman and a friend of Bigby, the Big Bad Wolf, better known as the Big Bad Wolf. The Earl was believed to be a vampire raised from the grave by local villagers who blamed him for the murders which were actually carried out by Bigby.

In truth, he was just an ordinary man. Despite his innocence, he actually took his monstrous reputation in stride. According to Bigby, the real Earl was quite friendly and a decent conversationalist. Fans of the original Dracula The novel might recall that the original tally also had a strong connection to wolves.

6 Baron Blood: this evil vampire allied with the Nazis

Baron Blood is a villain who appears in Marvel Comics. Originally John Falsworth, he attempted to harness Dracula’s power by confronting the Earl himself, only to turn into a vampire. He was obsessed with racial purity, even among other vampires, which eventually led him to ally himself with the Nazis. While he normally had the typical vampire powers and weaknesses, Nazi technology gave him some ability to resist sunlight.

Other characters have taken the title Baron Blood over the years, at one point being Doctor Strange’s deceased brother. With his bat-like appearance, some comic book fans suspect he was meant to be a parody of Batman.

5 Santa vs Dracula: There was a time when Dracula wanted to steal Christmas

A few days before Christmas, Santa receives a warning from a battered and bruised Easter Bunny that dark forces are out to get him. Dracula wants to steal Santa’s power to enter any home since vampires traditionally must be invited into someone’s home.

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The battle to decide the fate of Christmas ends on a bittersweet note: Santa Claus is able to defeat Dracula, but is ultimately turned into a vampire himself. Luckily, the Easter Bunny still isn’t ready to let evil win without a fight.

4 Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Dracula is kind of a celebrity

In the Buffyvers, Dracula is something of a rockstar among the undead community. Even Buffy and her friends are stunned upon meeting him. Spike blames him and his popularity for telling the world how to kill vampires. Despite this, he was shown to only have powers of his own. For example, according to the comics, the only way to kill him is to behead him and burn the remains separately. He is also shown to normally look like an old man, like in the book, but uses glamor to look younger. He also has a strange friendship with Xander.

Apparently, the writers originally intended to use a character loosely based on Dracula for the role, until they realized Stoker’s character was in the public domain.

3 Marvel Comics: Hellcow is a vampire cow and an ally of Deadpool

Hellcow, also known as Bessie, is a vampire cow who appears in Marvel Comics. She was originally killed by Count Dracula and rose from the grave to exact revenge on him.

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howard the duck once staked her after targeting Cleveland farmers, but was later revived by a mad scientist, Doctor Kilgore. Eventually, she joins dead Pool to confront the crazy Kilgore. At one point, she was a member of Deadpool Inc. and used her powers to steal and sell abandoned SHIELD technology. Ironically, despite their alliance, Deadpool is known to be afraid of cows.

2 Batman: Batman once became a superhero version of Nosferatu

Nosferatus is one of the earliest known film versions of Dracula with the villain now known as Count Orlock. The Count is a creature called “nosferatu”, which is a “death bird” that acts as a personification of death or plague. His connection to the plague is also highlighted with his rat-like appearance. He also had quite a history in the comics, and The simpsons once made a parody of his story. Even Batman played the role in Batman: Nosferatus, albeit in a more heroic light. In the story, “Bruss Wayne-son” takes on the superhero alias name – the Guardian of Darkness – with an Orlock-inspired costume after strange events occur at a local asylum.

1 Sesame Street: Count Von Count Takes the “Count” Thing A Little Too Seriously

One of the earliest incarnations of the famous Count that people often encounter is Count Von Count, sesame streetmathematician in residence who takes his title a little too literally.

Whether the Earl is indeed a vampire has been debated for years. Early sketches showed him to have no reflection and have hypnotic powers, but he is also often seen enjoying the sunlight, and has been shown to age. While his obsession with numbers is likely a pun on the word “count”, some people point out that some myths portray vampires as obsessed with counting.

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