The best celebrity look-alikes of 2021: Brad Pitt, Cardi B

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This year a number of famous lookalikes – from an Alabama cop who looks like The Rock to an Olympian who looks like Lady Gaga – have gone viral and have made headlines for their surprising resemblance to leading stars.

While some go wrong in professionally imitating the famous people they look like for money, others don’t fully embrace the fact that they have a Tinseltown twin.

Read on for the weirdest lookalikes stories. Can you tell which one is civilian and which one is celebrity?

Brad pitt

What would your love life be like if you looked like one of the sexiest men in People magazine? Nathan Meads, a single dad of two and a contractor who also works as a Brad Pitt impersonator, says that’s not all he’s meant to be. “I get picked on a lot by women,” the 35-year-old Briton told Jam Press. “Some of them just can’t believe how much I look like him and some of them accuse me of ‘cat fishing.’ People always try to video call me live on my Instagram because that they don’t think I’m real.

For over 15 years, people have commented on his resemblance to Pitt, 57, but Meads laughed at it until he found a way to make it work financially for him. Lookalike concerts can earn him up to $ 690 per appearance. One day, he hopes to meet the Oscar winner. “[Pitt] plays all of his roles brilliantly and seems like a real gentleman and a family man, so we have that in common, even though we have very different bank balances, ”Meads joked.

So who is who? Nathan lookalike is on the left, Brad is on the right

Taylor Swift

Taylor's lookalike Ashley (left) and Taylor Swift (right)

A TikTok video of Ashley, 29, washing her clothes in a bathtub has gone viral not because of her unconventional method, but because she is the spitting image of the 31-year-old singer. It has since racked up 684,000 likes and nearly 10,000 similar comments. A week later, Ashley, who declined to share her full name for privacy concerns, posted a playful follow-up to her 544,000 subscribers, saying, “When millions of people think Taylor Swift is doing her laundry in her tub and do not even think to read the screen name.

Ashley, who lives in Utah, told The Post by email that she had been mistaken for Swift since she was 14. She even considers herself a fan of Swift and says her look – shiny blonde hair, bangs, and often, a red lip – is partly inspired by Swift herself. “I am my own person, but to be compared to someone of such high esteem is flattering,” she said. “I’m only annoyed when someone says something negative about Taylor.” She works as a travel crisis trauma nurse and questions follow her when she is on time. “Doctors and patients ask me for photos because they can’t believe the resemblance,” she said. “I politely decline, but it always brings them joy when I walk into the room and they say, ‘Am I being punk ?! “”

So who is who? Ashley lookalike is on the left, Taylor on the right

Scarlett johansson

There is nothing lost in the translation here: this Russian model and cosplayer looks like ScarJo. Some of Ekaterina “Kate” Shumskaya’s 10.2 million TikTok subscribers even believe she is the actress herself. “On social media I get thanked many times for the excellent acting in the movie ‘Black Widow‘,” said the 25-year-old – who has been told about the resemblance since he was 12. – to Caters News. Additionally, a representative for Shumskaya told the Post that “Kate [often] gets stopped in the streets and asks for a photo.

But, not all fans love it. She has received hate messages from people who think she is Johansson, 37, and has even received death threats. But her appearance made it possible for Shumskaya, originally from southern Russia, to move to Moscow to become a model, and she is earning enough money to support herself and her parents. And her resemblance to Johansson isn’t the only thing that made her successful. His representative said: “Thanks to [her online popularity]Kate has had more work to do, but for most of her photo sets as a model, she only represents herself.

So who is who? Kate lookalike on the left, Scarlett is on the right

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe and Marilyn Monroe lookalike Jasmine Chiswell

Some like it hot, and others like it… bought? Scottish-born social media star Jasmine Chiswell, who has 13.3 million followers on TikTok, began posing as Marilyn Monroe after moving into the iconic actress’ former home in Hollywood in 2019. Chiswell, 27, and her husband, DJ and music producer Maverick McNeilly, bought the spread for $ 2.73 million. Chiswell had long dabbled in vintage fashion, but she did not initially intend to be a Marilyn double.

“It just happened,” she said. “I was getting stopped in the street, with people saying, ‘Oh my God, you look so much like Marilyn Monroe.’ “Dyeing her hair blonde and bobbing it took the likeness even further, and now playing the role is her livelihood. Brands pay her up to $ 30,000 per post for placement and sponsorships.” It’s my full-time job, “said Chiswell, who will soon be giving birth to her first child.” It has really changed my life in the best possible way. “

So who is who? Marilyn is on the left, Jasmine’s double on the right

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Eric Fields (left) and Dwayne The Rock Johnson (right)

Can you smell what the Rock is cooking? Eric Fields can. Not only is he known for pulling out that signature line from Dwayne Johnson’s WWE era, but he’s also a lookalike for the 49-year-old star himself. It’s hard to distinguish Johnson from Fields, 37, and a patrol lieutenant in the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama. He has an equally muscular physique and an equally bald head.

“I’ve been called the Rock and Vin Diesel lover’s kid,” Fields told “I agree with that. It’s humorous. That’s flattering. It could be worse people I guess. He has built up a fan base of nearly 27,000 followers on Instagram, where he occasionally shares photos of himself wearing aviator sunglasses, which makes him particularly like Johnson. Still, he told the post, he’s himself at the end. “I couldn’t really be anyone other than myself. I’m just glad I got to be a part of someone’s happiness and laughter.

So who is who? Eric lookalike on the left, The Rock is on the right

Cardi B

Cardi B and Cardi B lookalike

In August, a New York hairstylist named Claudelande posted a video of a client named Ashley showing off a new wig and freshly styled hair – and inspired by Cardi B. “My client is [Cardi’s] twin lol, ”the stylist wrote in the caption, prompting comments from subscribers. “Someone daddy is lying,” one wrote, while another said: “I had to come to the comments just to see if I wasn’t the only one thinking it was cardi during. one minute.” Screenshots even came to Twitter, where an observer remarked, “I have never seen anyone look SO much like someone else and not be related to them.” People have told Ashley that she has looked like the 29-year-old hip-hop star since 2015, when Cardi B debuted on “Love & Hip-Hop” on VH1.

But Ashley doesn’t think she looks like him at all. “Everywhere I go, [I hear] “She looks like Cardi B.” », She declared to Allure. “I literally try to look every time someone says it, but I can’t see it.”

So who is who? Cardi B is on the left, the Ashley lookalike is on the right

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga lookalike Julyana Al Sedeq

Lady Gaga certainly has musical talent, but when did she become an Olympic athlete? At the Tokyo games last summer, 26-year-old Jordanian taekwondo competitor Julyana Al-Sadeq was discussed on Twitter due to the striking similarity she exhibits to Mother Monster – even when she is dressed in her protective headgear.

Al-Sadeq – the 2018 Asian Games gold medalist – may have won the doppelgänger competition, but she did not do as well at this year’s Olympics. Brazilian Milena Titoneli knocked her out of the 67 kg (148 lbs) category.

So who is who? Lady Gaga is on the left, Julyana’s lookalike is on the right

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