The Boys Character Fans Think Is A Deadpool Parody

On the surface, Deadpool and Black Noir couldn’t be more different. After all, you’d be hard pressed to silence Deadpool (not counting the time his mouth was literally sewn shut in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”). Meanwhile, Black Noir never said a word about “The Boys.” But if you look under the surface differences, you might find there’s something there, like details from a Reddit thread.

As people are discussing what precisely Black Noir’s deal is, one user makes the connection between Noir and Deadpool, allowing Redditor u/CreatureWarrior to comment, “I love Deadpool. He’s that guy who vibes right after killing a bunch of people I find it really funny how Black Noir has his little teahouse where he meditates and drinks tea from these little cups etc. He also plays the piano lol Seems the similarity established or that they are both vicious killers who do not allow their victims to weigh down their conscience.

In a way, Black Noir could be seen as an attempt by “The Boys” to poke fun at Deadpool and present that character’s antithesis. But later in the thread he’s also compared to Batman and Hawkeye, so maybe he’s meant to be an amalgamation of several different heroes. Anyway, the more Black Noir the better.

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