The Croods A New Age review: Too many good ideas jostle for space in a crowded movie

The Croods: A New Age Director: Joel crawford
The Croods: A New Age Voice: Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage, Catherine Keener, Peter Dinklage, Leslie Mann, Cloris Leachman, Kelley Marie Tran
The Croods: A New Age Movie 2.5 stars

There are a lot of great ideas jostling in The Croods: A New Age. This different is not necessarily bad. That muscles and the brain have their place. That two girls and a boy don’t always have to form a triangle. That girls can have muscles and scars – and be the envy of others. That somehow, the more walls we build, the more insecure we feel. That there is no need for villains to make him a hero. And that most people, when they realize that something bad has been done, are ready to apologize.

The problem is, there is just too much going on in The Croods, eight years after the original. That, of course, is only a nanosecond in the history of the planet, especially in the era of cave men the movie is set in, and so we end up where the first movie left off. ended. But where director Crawford might have had a winner, tackling issues that remain as mundane now as they did then (unlikely), A New Age continues to fall back on “adventures” more relevant to these days. survival of the fittest.

From monsters, monkeys, mites to moths, the so-called dangers that trip the indomitable Croods and the rest, for that matter, have no touch of reality to them. No effort or research has gone into recreating this world. Instead, it’s all a riot of neon colors – as much a pain to the eyes as the resulting loud encounters are to the ears. Someone seems to have a curious banana fetish as well, with a lot of time spent on them.

In its quieter moments, A New Age has a few voiceovers of Stone as Eep, Reynolds as Guy, Cage as Grug, Keener as Ugga – reprising their roles from the first film – and, in particular, Dinklage and Mann as hippie, float. -man bun-essence of vanilla wearing the version of prehistoric humans.

The last two are the Bettermans, who made an oasis for themselves and their daughter in the midst of this wild world, and locked it up in walls to protect themselves from “dangers.” The construction of this oasis is no small task, involving all the ingenuity of Phil (Dinklage) and Hope (Mann). They have showers, compost bins, sinks, dressers, makeshift elevators, bedrooms, “privacy” and “individuality” – all concepts that are foreign to the Croods. When the Croods crash into their world, literally who will influence whom?

In their love for their daughters and their desire to “protect” and keep them, Grug and Phil are no different from each other.

But that’s obvious long before the movie itself made this discovery.

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