The DCEU must introduce an ambush bug

Fast – which comic book character is a little crazy, never shuts up, constantly breaks the fourth wall and turns 40 this year?

If you said Deadpool, congratulations. You are wrong. Mr. Wade Winston Wilson is only 31 years old.

If you said Ambush Bug, then real, no sarcasm, congratulations!

Ambush Bug first appeared in DC Comics Presents #52 in 1982, an intentionally silly character created by the artist Keith Giffenwhich would explain that Ambush Bug and CC Fan-favorite Lobo was born from Lunatik, a character he created for Marvel Comics. Originally a villain, Ambush Bug proved to be popular with the fanbase, and it wasn’t long before he decided to be a superhero. He’s delusional, he’s crazy, he’s hilarious.


And DC needs to bring it to the screen.

But before diving into the Whylet’s look at it who.

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Given Ambush Bug’s loose understanding of reality, his origin story is up for debate, but the most plausible – and this is a stretch – accepted story is that Brum-El, from the planet Schwab, launched her wardrobe in space, hoping that she would survive the possible destruction of the planet. The wardrobe would be intercepted by a giant, radioactive space spider and crash land on Earth, where only two garments would survive: the Ambush Bug Suit (a tight-fitting green full-piece with two orange antennae) and a sentient metal suit. masked argyle sock (à la Doctor Doom) named “Argh! Yle!”, who would become Ambush Bug’s nemesis. The suit would be found by Irwin Schwab, who dons the suit and goes… drum roll… Ambush Bug!

The suit gave Schwab the ability to teleport using miniature robot insects, but when the suit attached itself permanently, Schwab was able to teleport on his own. He also has the power of stupid luck. Ambush Bug believes himself to be Superman’s sidekick, endlessly annoying the Big Blue Boy Scout. In 1985 he picked up a doll, believing her to be alive, and adopted her to be his partner, “Cheeks, The Toy Wonder”. His enemies include: the aforementioned Argh! Yeah! ; Jonni DC, a “continuity cop” suing Ambush Bug for violation of DC Universe cannon (similar to Miss Minutes (Strong Tara) of wonderit is Loki); Interferer, a former comic book artist with godlike powers; Go Go Chex, a villain from Earth-6, where all the characters are stuck in the 1960s and calls everyone “Wonder Chick”; editor Julius Schwartz; Quantis, the koala that walks like a man; and Darkseid (but not the real Darkseid – this one is inflatable).

Ambush Bug was part of the Amber Butane Corps as Amber Butane (a Green Lantern play), the JLA (a one-panel cameo, with variations of the JLA, featuring the Justice League of Anarchy in alongside Harley Quinn and Plastic Man), a brief time with the real Justice League, and a recurring character in the Doom Patrol series launched in 2010. He was briefly married to Dumb Bunny and as a popular character among creators he has made multiple appearances and cameos, sometimes with only his antennae visible. In DC’s New 52 initiative, Ambush Bug would appear as a reporter in the “Channel 52” feature, the only one to appear in costume and the only one who knows he’s in a comic book.

Now that we know about Ambush Bug, Why Ambush bug?

Among the common criticisms of the DCEU is that it’s dark and serious, and efforts to add humor often fail. Introducing an absurd character like Ambush Bug instantly brings levity to the DCEU, an element of self-deprecation to show they’re in on the joke. He’s been used as a reporter in the comics, allowing him a meta-media platform to poke fun at. Henry Cavillthe CGI jaw of , or that of Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) original appearance in Justice Leaguewould go a long way towards changing perception.

His interactions in the comics can be used immediately in DC’s current media offerings. He interacted with Harley Quinn, and although it was a one-panel joke, it still happened, opening the door to the harley quinn animated series, Peacemakeror any future suicide squad movies (Ambush Bug seems tailor-made for someone like james gunn). Ambush Bug was also a recurring member of Doom Patrol, remember, so it wouldn’t be unusual for him to appear on the Doom Patrol series, especially given its no-rules aesthetic. He also appeared in the anime series finale of Batman: The Brave and the Bold“Mitefall!”, voiced by Henry Winkleralongside Bat-Mite (Paul Rubens), another fourth wall breaking character. A movie featuring the two together would be crazy, like Stupid and even dumber meets Ferris Bueller’s day off.

In fact, given how ridiculous Ambush Bug is, there’s literally nothing DC can’t use it for. It can be as grounded or as surreal as the project requires. His crazy antics, his sidekick Cheeks, and a nemesis who’s a living sock would make for a high-energy kids’ program or movie, in the vein of Sponge Bob SquarePants Where Pee-Wee Playhouse. On the other end of the spectrum, his breaking of the fourth wall and his humor could be used in a dead Pool– as functionality. Ambush Bug started life as the villain who murdered the Metropolis District Attorney, so there’s precedent for extreme violence if DC really pushed the dead Pool character similarities. However, at this point it would be seen as a blatant rip-off, even though Ambush Bug predates Merc With A Mouth by nine years (Deadpool‘s first appearance was in 1991, while Ambush Bug debuted in 1982) , but is still an option. .

The real advantage for DC in bringing Ambush Bug to life is the fact that the Marvel competitor simply doesn’t have a character like him. Deadpool would arguably be the closest, but he’s still grounded in reality, and the MCU has a general similarity from project to project, so a quirky, all-around comedy starring Ambush Bug now would be a breath of fresh air. look like a superhero genre that could use it before it became obsolete.

Dust off the antennae, DC, and give the insect a chance.

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